Find of the week: Rainbow Carousel

Our Find of the Week has added a huge splash of colour into our lives and we're definitely all aboard the Rainbow Carousel...

Funky stationery, how we adore thee. And even though the kids are back to school already, that doesn’t stop us from keeping our eyes peeled for a motivational notepad or kooky addition to a pencil case. It was therefore to our utter delight that a box of Rainbow Carousel goodies landed on our desk this week, packed with some of the cutest memo blocks, framed prints and funky badges we’ve seen in an age! Rainbow Carousel: you are our Find of the Week for sure!

What is Rainbow Carousel?


We’re LOVING our Rainbow Carousel goodies here at HoneyKids. Photography: Tracy Tristram

Audrey Lee is mum to three kids, three dogs, one cat and two rabbits, but despite juggling all that fun, she’s still found time to create Rainbow Carousel, on top of already running her own bakery bistro, Little House of Dreams. And how did Rainbow Carousel come to be? Audrey’s children’s bedrooms needed a bit of an overhaul and she wanted some pretty prints to pop on the walls. Failing to find what she had in mind, Audrey decided to design something herself, and in her quest to decorate dowdy walls, Rainbow Carousel was born.

Audrey absolutely believes that life’s journey should be peppered with plenty of colour and motivational advice, and her designs are meant to be a little kooky – Audrey has achieved this with a special skill she developed back when she was in school: writing upside down! The result is a beautiful range of notepads, prints, postcards, badges and even edibles that kids and adults alike will adore. We certainly do.

Giving back


Definitely! Photography: Rainbow Carousel

By making your own Rainbow Carousel purchase, not only will you be livening up your desk or home, but you’ll also be donating to charity… Audrey is passionate about doing what she can to bring hope and love into the lives of orphaned children. Not only do 5% of all proceeds go to support her chosen charities, but her motivational messages and cheery colour palettes have been designed to encourage children to believe in themselves and work hard, and in return they will achieve great things. Audrey also works with organisations that help under-privileged children who need assistance with their education, as well as women in need. Bravo, Audrey!

Top image: Rainbow Carousel 

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