Find of the Week: Ans-ein is brightening up our wardobes with its wearable art!

We're having a major swoon right now at the gorgeous collection by local label Ans-ein...

Okay, so as mums we get that our wardrobe needs to be able to withstand fluids of all colours including – and not limited to – snot, tomato ketchup, your own breastmilk (often regurgitated) and felt tip pens. But that doesn’t mean we want to dress in a sack and look like a tired-mum all of the time. So, we’re a little bit excited (okay, a lot) about the discovery of a local clothes label for women (and kids) that not only look super stylish, but are comfy and wearable for any occasion. And the best part of all? You can actually get your little one to DESIGN your print for you! Wearable art, if you will. Here’s why we can’t pack enough Ans-ein into our closets right now…

Who and what is Ans-ein?

Ans-ein is a gorgeous local label that’s conjured up dresses, jumpsuits, and tops for ladies (and a mini-range for tots) based entirely on art. Founded in Singapore in February 2017 by two lovely entrepreneurs who happen to also be mums, Anseina (Ans) and Erlyn (Ein) are taking stylish to a new level. Both ladies are passionate about art, which was a big influence on Ans-ein becoming a brand that embraces wearable splashes of paint and unique designs.

What can we expect from its designs?

All Create Ans-ein patterns come from the inspirational brushes of the passionate artists it has in its design department. The collection has also been created to be worn in multiple ways and to suit any kind of body shape: a big round of applause from us! We love that our Ans-ein dress is so darn versatile, and that we always gets heaps of compliments when we wear them everywhere from the office to the beach!


Turn your kids’ masterpieces into a wearable piece of art. Photography: Ans-ein

The choices aren’t limited to what’s in store either: if you have a masterpiece of your own (designed by you or even your kids) then the Create Ans-ein service will help you turn your vision into your own signature dress! Keep your eyes peeled for future workshops where children, and even babies, can create their first art using their footprints and handprints, which you can then turn into a pattern on your dress. #adorable.

The Singapore Story collection


So much love for the Native Kimono Dress and MacRitchie Jumpsuit! Photography: Ans-ein

If you’ve ever coveted the Binary Style’s The Singapore Story scarf collection, then this new collab is definitely for you. Its teamed up with Ans-ein to whip up a dress collection that features Singapore-inspired fabric print designs, and the results are oh-so-exciting. We *may* have already purchased the Native Bird Kimono Dress ($155), and we’ve got our beady eyes on a MacRitchie Jumpsuit ($188) next…

Head over to the online store to make a purchase (with so many fab picks it will be a challenge to just pop one in your shopping basket), or try in-store at one of the stockists all over town.

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