Find of the Week: Experience fairytales galore at ANDSOFORTH Jr.’s 22 Stories

Andsoforth jr 22 stories Honeykids Asia Singapore
Have you ever dreamt of starring in your own fairytale and getting your own happily-ever-after? Well, here's your chance to make your dreams come true...

Most of your childhood has probably been all about witnessing the Little Mermaid chase after the guy she’s full on crushing on and Cinderella having an unrealistic shoe size (and shoe) that somehow only fits her. We were all jealous of those kick-ass princesses (even if you don’t want to admit it) and we all wanted our own happy endings. Well now’s your chance to hop right into those tales and experience the magic yourself at 22 Stories!

Tell me more!

Andsoforth jr 22 stories Honeykids Asia Singapore

Help your favourite characters! Photography: 22 Stories

We popped on over to this magical world at 200 Pandan Gardens to immerse ourselves in not just one, but twenty two fairy tales! 22 Stories is a production from ANDSOFORTH Jr, the first local immersive theatre company to bring an interactive Instagram museum to Southeast Asia. Dive into the four themed story realms: Storyland, Wonderland, Grimmesneyland and Land of Nights and watch your collective childhoods come to life.

More than just a blast from the past

22 Stories takes place across two sessions on weekends where you’ll get to wander through 13 different doors to experience 22 rooms filled with quirky characters, fun activities and stories. There will be two different sets of characters performing every other week to offer you a fresh fantasy no matter how many times you prick your finger on the spinning wheel. Attend two sessions, one on an odd week, and one on an even week, to enjoy the full experience and meet all the characters from 22 Stories.

Do it for the ‘gram!

Andsoforth jr 22 stories Honeykids Asia Singapore

It’s photoshoots galore in this interactive theatre experience! Photography: 22 Stories

Thanks to the mythical backdrops, stunning displays and interactive activities, you and the kiddos get to experience immersive theatre at its finest. Dress the kids up in their most fabulous frills, fanciest gowns and cutest costumes for photo opps galore. You’ll also get half an hour of free time every session to explore or revisit any room you wish while the actors take a break. Wade into the deep sea where you’ll find a glowing ball pit, play croquet with flamingos or slide down Jack’s magic beanstalk! Fun fact: these were specially curated to be a (once upon a) dream for Instagrammers everywhere, so go ahead and snap away.

Delicious noms (not drugged by an evil queen)

Your Instagram feeds aren’t the only ones about to be fed. There’s also a rest area at the back of the venue ‘Wonder Foodland’ catered by Farm Appetit where meals are freshly prepared for you to prevent hangry kids from stopping the show.

What are you waiting for?

Bring your childhood to life with four hours of endless fun and pixie dust! Doesn’t matter if you’re young or young at heart, there’s always something for you at ANDSOFORTH Jr., where whimsical fun and all-around wonder await. Be the protagonist of your own story today!

ANDSOFORTH JR’s 22 Stories
1 May – 30 June (Fridays to Sundays)
Time: 5.30pm – 9.30pm (Fri) , 10am – 2pm (Sat to Sun), 5.30pm – 9.30pm (Sat to Sun)
Where: 200 Pandan Gardens, Singapore 609336 (take the bus from Jurong East MRT to Opp Ayer Rajah CC or Cycle & Carriage)
Cost: $38 per person, $140 for family pack of four people

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