Feeding baby made easier: nursing and breastfeeding pillows we love!

Prop up your newborn baby and make feeding time soooo much easier with one of these tried and tested nursing pillows...

The mums at HoneyKids and Honeycombers are quite the bunch of seasoned breastfeeders, so with plenty of breastfeeding, mummy milk pumping and general feeding of babies going on between us, it’s fair to say we’ve used a lot of baby paraphernalia over the years. And that includes handy-dandy breastfeeding pillows (which aren’t exclusively for breastfeeding mums btw: they’re also fab for bottle feeding mums, mums-to-be too and a support pod when baby is learning to sit!). So, while some of us have been happy to use a bog-standard ordinary pillow to prop up bubba during nursing time, there are many of us who plumped for a bonafide breastfeeding pillow. Here are our pick of the best of the breast…

Milkbar Double Nursing Pillow

Australia’s best selling breastfeeding pillow, the Milkbar Double Nursing Pillow (currently on sale for $57) offers fantastic support for both breast and bottle feeding, and also doubles up as a pregnancy support sleeping pillow. The Milkbar ensures baby’s head is at the correct height for feeding whilst also minimum back and neck strain for mummy. Got your hands full with twice the fun? This one is also suitable for feeding twins at the same time!

Theraline Maternity Nursing Pillow


Milk coma! Photography: Theraline via Facebook

Simple, compact and functional are all things we looked for when we were on our own nursing pillow quest, and The Theraline The Comfort Nursing Pillow (from $89) ticks all the boxes. Made from 100% cotton jersey or twill, covers are removable and washable (essential!), and the design is perfect for supporting both you and your tiny human while feeding.

My Brest Friend

The My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow (from $82) was created by breastfeeding experts who set out to design the best nursing pillow they could. It took 50 prototypes until they were happy, but the end result is a pillow that mums – and babies – love. The wrap-around positioning helps secure the pillow to the body so that mum and bubba can keep the optimum position for easy feeding, and the arm and elbow rests eliminate shoulder stress.

Balboa Breastfeeding Pillow

The Balboa Baby Nursing Pillow ($66) is designed to encourage a good feeding position by rolling the baby towards mum. It’s contoured design also eases the stresses and strains on your back, neck and shoulders while lifting bubs up for feeding. Bonus for the 100% cotton cover that’s easily removed for cleaning.

Dreamgenii Pregnancy and Nursing Support Pillow


Use the nifty Dreamgenii pillow for pregnancy AND nursing. Photography: Pupsik Studio

Dreamgenii Pregnancy And Feeding Support Pillow ($89) provides support while you rest during those seemingly endless pregnancy days, and doubles up as a feeding pillow once your tiny tot has arrived hollering into the world. The unique shape of the pillow also ensures that it won’t take up the whole bed (so there’s still room for your partner!). Genii-us.

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