DirectAsia explains why travel insurance should be the first thing on your holiday checklist

Still not convinced that you need travel insurance for your next family vacay? Read these true travel horror stories from parents with young kids and find out how it ended with and without travel insurance...

Kids are notorious for falling ill frequently, running into things, shoving objects up their noses and in general gravitating towards all things dangerous. Which is why the minute they pop out, most parents invest in an iron-clad insurance policy for their little ones. It should be no different when travelling as well, says travel insurance company DirectAsia. You never know when a bout of food poisoning might arise or if your kiddo ends up hurt in an accident. Imagine how much medical attention is going to cost in a foreign country as a tourist! 

Thanks to the folks at DirectAsia, purchasing a travel insurance plan for your family just got easier. In fact, for frequent travellers, DirectAsia offers an annual plan that covers multiple trips (yay!). All you have to do is to pay for a one-time policy to cover for 1 year and you can travel stress-free –convenient and definitely value-for-money. 

If you’re still not convinced that travel insurance should be the first thing on your holiday checklist, read these two real-life accounts of parents who travelled with and without insurance back-up and how it affected their holidays…

“Insurance should be the first thing on your holiday checklist (and a decent first aid kit)..”
Six-year-old Rafferty’s mum, Tracy, should know by now that whenever a holiday is coming up, Raffy’s lack of danger filter (and inability to listen) will end up with him in some sort of scrape. A recent holiday to Yogyakarta started out well, but soon ended when Raff’s jumping, exploring and zero heed to danger caused him to come a cropper in the ruins of Taman Sari, a local castle. The gash on his chin was pretty impressive and also pretty bloody! After wrapping it as tightly as she could with the only thing she had on hand (a now ruined pashmina), Tracy and her family headed straight to the nearest apotik (pharmacy) where language was an issue, and sign language and elaborate gestures eventually resulted in the purchasing of creams, bandages and basic first aid bits to patch him up. Thankfully, the injury just needed lots of hugs, a big plaster and a good splash of antiseptic cream, but it really gave Tracy a wake up call for what might have been. Next time insurance will be the first thing she puts on her holiday checklist. That and a decent first aid kit, she says. 

“It was the worst experience of my life..”
What was supposed to be a fun weekend in Bangkok turned out to be a nightmare for HoneyMum Ange Neo. Upon arriving in Bangkok, her husband found himself violently ill with food poisoning, leaving Ange to fend for herself and her two children, ages two and four months old. “He was throwing up and we had to call a doctor to come and see him,” recalls Ange. To make matters worse, her two year-old, Xavier, fell sick as well, which also called for a visit from the doctor. “I had to care for and breastfeed the four month old and deal with a sick toddler at the same time,” says Ange. “It was the worst experience of my life.” The only upside? Thanks to the travel insurance she purchased, Ange was able to fully claim her family’s medical expenses.

Moral of the story?
When travelling with kids, be ready for the unpredictable. Whether it’s carrying a first aid kit at all times or buying travel insurance, always be prepared. If you’re foreseeing a lot of travelling in the near future, DirectAsia’s annual plans should definitely be on your radar. Not only do they cover travels up to 90 days per trip, they’re also offering a 40% discount on their annual plans. And, there’s no additional cost for families with up to four children!

For those under 18 years of age or in full-time tertiary education under 24 years, DirectAsia offers the same limits as adults, instead of the industry norm of half limits – so all you’ll need to worry about is planning your well-deserved break. Also, if you decide to bring your helper (because mums and dads deserve their alone time too!), you can even include her in your family policy. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as hazy weather conditions or a terrorist attack at the country you’re planning on visiting, you can also change your travel itinerary or cancel it. Like what you hear? Get a quote today from DirectAsia!

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