Essential iPhone tips and tricks: how to revive a dead or wet phone

Because who hasn't had their phone dropped down a toilet by their helpful toddler?

There are few amongst us who don’t have our entire lives detailed, scheduled and entrusted to that all-essential gadget: our iPhone! We know exactly what the best apps are for organising our day-to-day lives, and we’ve got the number for a mobile phone repair service on speed dial for fixing those cracked screens (we’re blaming the kids). But what are the tricks ‘n’ tips you may not know about? The ones that could save you having to call in the cavalry every time your sweet toddler frisbees your phone into the swimming pool, or you’ve misplaced your moody teenager in Singapore? We’ve found six iPhone tricks, hacks we can all use…

If your iPhone is as dead as a doornail:
Your screen has gone blank, your phone is refusing to charge, and you’re waiting for an all-important call: fear not! Do a simple hard reset (make sure you always keep your important stuff backed-up and saved regularly) with these easy peasy steps:

  • Step 1: Press and hold the home button (located at the bottom of iPhone: the round circle thing) and the Sleep/Wake button (on top or side of the iPhone depending on model) simultaneously.
  • Step 2: Hold both buttons until the iPhone shuts off and begins to restart. Release when you see the Apple logo appear on screen. Voila, you’ve just completed a hard reset and your phone should start whirring back to life.

If your iPhone has *accidentally* ended up very, very wet:
You may think that an iPhone dropped (thrown frisbee style) into the loo/swimming pool/shower is a goner. But before you send it to iPhone heaven (or the repair man), try this nifty little tip:

  • Step 1: Retrieve iPhone from loo/swimming pool/shower and find a container or big zip lock bag.
  • Step 2: Fill with dry rice (not cooked rice as my dear mother once tried).
  • Step 3: Pop in iPhone, completely submerged in the rice, and seal the container/bag. LEAVE IT ALONE (no matter how tempting) for at least 24 hours. This should do the trick and restore the phone to its pre-swim functionality.

 If your iPhone (or your teenager) has been misplaced:
Panic stations: your iPhone is NOT in your bag where you left it! But is it on the bus, at the school gate or maybe even buried down the back of the sofa? Set up your Find My iPhone app through your iCloud chain and you’ll be able to see your missing device on a map.  Use the Lost Mode function to lock, track or even remotely erase all of your info from your device. This nifty app is also perfect for tracking down (not stalking) errant teens who haven’t made it home when they said they would.

If your iPhone needs a quick battery boost:
You’ve just noticed your iPhone battery is as in the red as your bank account after paying school fees, and you’re due at your toddler’s playgroup in half hour. Panic not! Switch to airplane mode and whack your phone on charge at the mains asap. Putting it into Flight Safe Mode speeds up the re-juicing and may make the difference between a low battery and a flat battery when you hit the playground after your supermarket dash later.

If you need your battery to last longer than usual:
Low Power Mode is your battery-saving best mate when you are out all day and need to conserve your juice as much as possible. Go to Settings – Battery – Low Power Mode and this will temporarily disable some of your background apps and notification pings from all those Facebook support groups, which in turn will help stretch your low battery.

If your medical info or next of kin needs to found in the case of emergency
While we really hope none of us will ever need this one, it’s worthwhile making your important health info accessible in case of an emergency (your security code won’t be needed to find this info). Set up a Medical ID on your iPhone and add emergency contacts and health info including blood type and allergies. Set up through Medical ID – Edit and follow the instructions. 

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