The Great Singapore Sling-off

ergo baby carrier
BabyBjörn Carrier 1 vs. Ergobaby

Baby carriers really are nifty things. They’re great for bonding with your bubbas, hitting the shops, going for a walk, travelling, and calming irritable babies.

But choosing one that’s right for you can be a complete nightmare. So we pit two baby carriers, both from brands with cult followings, through their paces.

Which one will be crowned King of the slings?

We pit the BabyBjörn Carrier 1 against the Ergo baby carrier.

BabyBjörn Carrier 1 mesh is so new it’s not even on sale yet in Singapore. You can get it at Mothercare from September for $396.

Ergobaby carriers are also available at Mothercare and prices start from $259.

PS. Despite all the rumours on the world wide web, there is no proven link with carriers and hip dysplasia (loose hips).


Winner: BabyBjörn Carrier 1

This was a tough one, but the new Carrier 1 just clinches this. It is easier to put on, easier and safer to put babies in and out (although you might need a bit of practice), and has a supportive waist belt and padded shoulder straps, so you can give your back a break.

Winner: Ergobaby

Those who are suckers for aesthetics will know that impeccable looks are just as important as functionality. The Ergobaby wins this hands down as it comes in gorgeous colours, limited editions, designer versions, and seasonal new releases.

Dad appeal
Winner: BabyBjörn Carrier 1

Dads need to bond with their little ones too, and carriers are great for this. Dads love BabyBjörn carriers and the Carrier 1 gets the thumbs up. It comes in BabyBjörn’s Signature Black colour. Ring a ding!

Winner: BabyBjörn Carrier 1

Carrier 1 wins this one hands down. It is snug and provides newborns with good head support. When the baby hits 4+ months, you can face them outwards so they can look at the world. With the Ergobaby you need to buy an infant insert, which, let’s face it, is more hassle and means spending MORE money.

Winner: Ergobaby

The Ergobaby carrier is great if you want to use it for older, heavier tots. It’s comfortable and supportive, so good for the old back, and goes up to 20kg (age 4). The Carrier 1 only goes up to 15kg (age 3).

Winner: Ergobaby

The Ergobaby has a hood, which is great for shielding babies from the sun, and for discrete nursing, a HUGE bonus. There is also a handy little pouch for keys, money , and lipstick! It folds up neatly too.

Winner: BabyBjörn Carrier 1

Pipped to the post, the Ergobaby has 3 positions, front, back and hip, whereas the new Carrier 1 also has front-facing position, fab for inquisitive babies, and for the first time from BabyBjörn, babies can be carried on your back. There is also a wide leg position, which is great for 6 months+.

Singapore weather
Winner: BabyBjörn Carrier 1

It’s hot enough in Singapore, and you don’t want to be a sweaty mess, so baby carriers need to be lightweight and breathable. The Carrier 1 is just that and is less bulky than Ergobaby.

Cool weather
Winner: Ergobaby

Escaping to somewhere cold? The Ergobaby has a gorgeous, glamourous Winter Edition carrier. Its removable quilted lining transforms it into a lightweight carrier in warmer weather. Carrier 1 does do an additional cover.

This article was contributed by Janine Clements, who also writes the blog and tweets at @mummytweets.

Image: BABYBJÖRN Carrier One