Make it a Whale of a Time

LolliBox whale craft
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What do you do when it looks like you need to build an ark just to survive this season’s downpours? Get those sticky fingers into something crafty, we say. Our friends at LolliBox have an arsenal of fun and educational crafts that can be delivered straight to your door (no gumboots needed!) Stay out of the belly of the whale and make a big splash with this creative whale DIY craft from LolliBox. Tharrr she blows!

You will need: A4 coloured paper, white paper, glue, marker and scissors.

LolliBox Whale Craft


1.  Take an A4 coloured paper and cut it into 4 equal vertical strips.

2.  You only need 2 strips to make a whale. Cut one of them into half and another into quarter.

3.   Align both pieces of paper at their ends and draw and cut the shape of a tail from both paper.

4.   Fold about 5mm on the flat end of the shorter strip of paper.

LolliBox whale craft


5.   Glue the flat end of the longer strip of paper to the folded part on the shorter strip, and then glue the tail on the opposite ends together.

6.   Draw eyes and teeth on a white piece of paper and stick them onto the whale!

7.   Cut fringes on a small piece of white paper.

8.   Roll and glue it on the whale to make the fountain top.

LolliBox Whale craft


Don’t you love these smiling swimmers?

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