Discovery Camps 2019

DATE: Monday, June 3, 2019 - Friday, August 16, 2019
TIME: 9am-3pm
VENUE: Novena @United Square, East Coast @Parkway Parade and SJI International School – Thompson Road (bus service available for this location)
PRICE: $625

Bring out the best in the kids through a mix of fun learning experiences at Discovery Camps. Kids aged three to 14 years will get personalised attention from experienced teachers to get the best learning experience possible. This summer Discovery Camps is launching three brand new camps! Read on for all the deets:

Life Skills
For 6-12 years old
Discovery Camps has partnered with Endeavour Journeys, a UK-based education provider to conduct this camp. Inspired by the concept of the two mindsets, Fixed and Growth mindset, kids will cover a range of activities and real world scenarios in this holistic camp. On top of building a love of learning, resilience and self-motivation, kids will learn how to overcome any challenge and develop leadership skills.
Dates: 17-21, 24-28 Jun, 29 Jul – 2 Aug, 5-9 Aug

Virtual Reality
For 12-14 years old
Take a peek into the future at this Virtual Reality camp. Kids will get to create their own custom 3D environments, games and immersive experiences – all in virtual reality – using the HTC Vive, a virtual reality headset. It’s the perfect opportunity to get a head start into technology of the future.
Dates: 3-7, 17-21 Jun, 15-19 Jul

Tech Entrepreneur
For 12-14 years old
Create your very own tech start-up! Aspiring tech tycoons can get hands-on experience with emerging technology and devise solutions on how it can change the world. Kids will get to develop tech solutions to everyday problems using design thinking and work independently or in small teams to develop a business plan, company brand, and website.
Dates: 10-14, 24-28 Jun and 22-26 Jul