Raising little globetrotters: Tips for travelling with kids

DirectAsia | Travel Tips for Kids
Travelling with kids gets easier when you’ve got the know-how. These are our top tips for an almost stress-free vacation with the little ones...

Booking the flight and getting travel insurance are always the easiest parts of planning a family holiday involving little ones. The toughest challenge? It’s got to be the journey itself! Whether it’s figuring out how to entertain your kids for several hours on the plane, managing your baggage limit or putting together a kid-friendly itinerary, jetting around with children in tow is never a walk in the park. Before you throw in the towel and swear you’ll never travel with your kids again (until they turn 18, at least), here are some travel tips to help you get through your next family vacation…

Don’t give in to (cabin) pressure
Most parents know the drama that happens during takeoff and landing, no thanks to the sudden change in cabin pressure. To ease its effect on bub’s ears, get your child to drink water, preferably with a straw, or make a game of pretending to swallow air or wiggling their jaws. Alternatively, give bub a pacifier or breastfeed, they are all great ways to help relieve the discomfort. 

Be prepared for damage control
Remember the good old days before having kids? To avoid baby drama from other parents on your flight, you’d upgrade to first class in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, now you’re that parent and it’s time you started befriending your fellow passengers because you’re probably going to need them at some point… especially if you’re travelling alone with bub. Whether it’s helping to pick up a toy that’s been thrown in mid-air by accident or getting them to watch your little darling while you dash to the toilet, you might need an extra pair of hands – so be nice!

Late check out? Yes, please!
If you’re flying out in the afternoon or evening, do request for a late check out from your hotel. This way, your little ones will have a comfortable place to take a nap and relax before they get on the flight. It will also give you a chance to pack up any loose odds and ends you might have forgotten. When you’re travelling with kids, you’re bound to have more than a few!

Pack a surprise!
Ask any kid if they like presents, and you’ll probably get a resounding “yes!”. If you’re going on a long flight, you can reward your little ones with a small surprise every few hours. Convince them that the only way they’ll be getting more gifts is if they behave. The promise of a reward will encourage them to sit down and watch a movie quietly or play with their toys. Top tip: Stock up on small, inexpensive toys before your flight. We recommend wrapping them up – the more layers, the better!

It’s always an adventure travelling with children, especially if you’re going to do it several times a year. Thankfully, DirectAsia’s travel insurance also offers a family option, where kids enjoy the same limits as adults instead of the industry norm of half limits – as long as they are aged between 15 days and under 18 years of age, or up to 24 years old (unmarried and in full-time tertiary education). And the best part? Up to four children are insured at no additional cost! Also: DirectAsia is known for a fast and hassle-free claims process that settles everything within 24 hours – no forms required! And that’s a relief for any parent. So pack your luggage and get your kids out into the world!