Dear John

DATE: Friday, February 15, 2019 - Saturday, February 16, 2019
TIME: Fri: 8pm, Sat: 3pm & 8pm
VENUE: Esplanade Theatre Studio
PRICE: $38

Stop, listen, feel. Can the sounds around you be felt? Can the objects around you be heard?

Inspired by the philosophy of avant-garde American musician John Cage, Taiwan’s M.O.V.E. Theatre presents Dear John, an innovative and interdisciplinary production involving dance, lighting effects, technology, audience participation, as well as sound.

Dear John depicts a sound journey that begins with a “deconstructed piano” and fully reveals the process of making sound. Redefining the interpretation of performing arts and the physicality of sound, and challenging the power-relation between performers and audiences, the exploratory Dear John was one of the five works that was awarded the 2014 Taishin Arts Awards—the only award in Taiwan that acknowledges creative achievements in works of visual, performing and inter-disciplinary arts.

With the performance venue turned into a playful sound lab, this performance piece weaves sound, light and movement to create a unique ambient soundscape that encourages audience members to explore the space, and even become soundmakers themselves, becoming an indispensable and unpredictable part of the experience.