Craft projects for kids in Singapore: Five quick and easy Easter hats and bonnets

Facts about Easter

It’s official: the parties and events for kids are being announced, and Singapore is getting into Easter! Here’s what we do have sorted: kids booked into Easter school holiday camps. Here’s what we don’t have sorted: a cute Easter bonnet for the looming school Easter hat parade. We’re not going to leave it until the last minute again this year. Looking for a creative craft project for the kids? Here are five cute, super-easy Easter hats you can whip up in time for a visit from the big bunny himself. Time to visit some art and craft stores in Singapore to fill up your kit!

1. Watercolour paints + feathers = the loveliest Easter bonnet we’ve ever seen. And you’ll have a half hour of serious (okay, messy) fun creating with your mini Picasso. (pictured top)


Easter bonnet for Kids

2. We LOVE the cheery green felt grass hat festooned with bright colourful pompom eggs. Cute and comfy, the perfect combo for your little Easter bunny.

easter hats for kids

3. Grab a straw fedora, a bunch of organic carrots and a ribbon and hey presto you’ve got a rustic Peter Rabbit-inspired hat. And it doubles as morning snack post-parade, now that’s multi-tasking!

DIY easter hats for kids

4. If you’re finding it hard to convince your little rabbit to don a hat – go for the minimalist bunny ears on a white cap option. Plus it’s perfect for craft-challenged mums – not making any assumptions of course…

cute easter hats for kids

5. If you’ve got crochet skills then this darling baby chick hat is literally impossible to resist. Maybe it’s the cross-eyes. Awwww…


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