Find of the Week: How Colour Capsule is turning our wardrobes from drab to fab!

Colour Capsule
Feel like you've got nothing to wear? Are you afraid to buy colourful clothing, because you're not sure what suits you? We're talking to Jo Watering about Colour Capsule, a new consultancy that can help you discover what colours will work hardest for you in your wardrobe

Coco Chanel once said, “The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you.” and we wholeheartedly agree. It seems that all too often, we’re told what colours are ‘on trend’ and end up buying clothes in unflattering shades that languish in the back of our wardrobe. Thankfully there’s a solution we can all jump on board with the next time we update our look: Jo Watering and her new business, Colour Capsule. Find out why this fun and useful concept is not only making our current wardrobes work harder, but how we can get expert advice on finding threads that make us look younger. Clothes that make us look younger? We’re so in.

Hi Jo! Tell us about colour analysis and how it can help jazz up our wardrobes (and faces)?

Many of us are naturally drawn to certain colours, but there is a big difference between personal preference and what actually works for us as an individual. Colour analysis determines how certain shades can be flattering (or the opposite!) on us, because, actually, colours create optical illusions on a person’s face, so when specific colours are placed near it it can really work – or really not. Get it wrong and BAM: those wrinkles, mummy eye-bags, and uneven skin tone issues are highlighted for the world to see. Get it right and we’re talking healthy, fresh-faced perfection that really brings out natural beauty. True story!

Colour analysis is used a lot in the cosmetics and fashion industry, and professionals will use it to make sure that clothing and makeup are spot on when it comes to enhancing a person’s skin tone, eye colour and hair colour. The concept can be used whether you’re planning on updating your own clothes collection, feel like your makeup could do with some help, or even considering a new hair colour.

What are the benefits of colour analysis?


It’s all about getting your colours right! Photography: Roberto Lopez via Unsplash

Lots! But the four that really are beneficial to us all are:

  • By getting your colours right, your best features will be highlighted, which in turn means a big confidence boost.
  • Taking your personalised swatch colours with you on future shopping trips will cut down the time you spend faffing and deciding on what looks good and what doesn’t. Vital for time-crunched mums-on-the-go!
  • It will cut the fashion faux pas’s right down. Hands up who has a heap of outfits in the closet that never see the light of day, because once you got them home you didn’t think they were flattering? Your closet will be clearer and filled with only things that work for you: which of course is great for cutting down on clothes waste.
  • Knowing what colours work for you will save you not just time, but money too. Colour analysis before that shopping trip will mean you know exactly which colours you should be plumping for, and also in which shades. No more wasting money on wardrobe mistakes.

Tell us about Colour Capsule and how it came about?

Colour Capsule is a is a one-to-one consultation service that provides a comprehensive analysis of your skin tone, natural (and current) hair colour and eye colour, which will be used to help determine the range of colours (and shades) that suit you best. We are the only colour analysis service that cater for all ethnicities here in Singapore. From a personal point of view, it’s a big passion of mine having been encouraged by a friend who carried out a similar service overseas. She really piqued my interest and put me on the path to creating Colour Capsule.

It was also born of my own desire to challenge myself with a new project. Prior to this I had been working in a home-based admin job, which served it’s purpose when my son was younger as I could base my job around his schedules and needs. Over time, however, I did start to feel rather isolated: I am absolutely a people person, so working at home on my own became quite lonely and repetitive.

I decided to explore the colour analysis avenue, and after completing my training in the field, I set the business up thanks to the guidance of Katherine Chapman from CSLB Asia (a company that assists individuals and groups in setting up businesses through the correct channels). And thus Colour Capsule was launched! I feel incredibly proud of what I have achieved so far, and absolutely love helping women feel good about themselves.

Thanks, Jo!

Colour Capsule is offering HoneyKids readers a 10% discount off a consultation, normally valued at $300. 




Top image: Renee Fisher via Unsplash 

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