Want to raise future ready kids? It’s possible with SG Code Campus’s cool coding courses

Learning how to code just got cooler thanks to SG Code Campus’s awesome courses...

Kids these days have got it good. They have easy access to all this cool technology that we never did back in the day. And as parents, the best thing we can do is embrace all that tech and help our kids build the 21st century skills that are super important in today’s globalised society. One way to do it? By teaching kids how to code! HoneyKids recently hung out with the tech-savvy folk at SG Code Campus to get the lowdown why we should give kids a head start on their coding journey:

Because coding is all about equipping our kids to solve problems in the digital age

At SG Code Campus, Code Campers (aka the students) get more than just a solid foundation in Computer Science concepts. They also learn to master various coding languages that they can then use to fulfill their dreams and solve real-world problems, all while following a learning roadmap that is age appropriate. The Basics (ages seven to 12) and Principles (ages 13-19) roadmaps are designed to take every student as far as they wish to go – whether it be in animation, game design, web, mobile, data science or even competitive programming. And as if that weren’t awesome enough, SG Code Campus uses the most cutting-edge coding technologies so that we can be assured that everything our kids are learning is relevant.

Coding is really the art of problem-solving

Coding goes way beyond controlling robots and computers. It also teaches kids creativity, problem-solving and even resilience. At SG Code Campus, kids are encouraged to use what they’ve learnt to solve problems that they actually care about. The school has even created advanced programmes such as Data Science and Machine Learning in a quest to help its students embrace their passions. It also encourages students to take part in coding competitions such as the National Olympiad for Informatics and the IMDA CXA Hackathon (which they actually win), and to work on projects to help them gain extra experience – pretty exciting stuff!

Set your kids up for success with coding classes at SG Code Campus!

To get ahead, you need to learn from the best

Knowing that kids are learning from the best in the biz always helps. That’s why the lovely people at SG Code Campus have employed such a large and super qualified instructor team. It’s made up of experts from diverse fields such as tech, education, engineering and finance (we looked them up, and they’ve got pretty impressive backgrounds!) so you can be assured that your child’s coding education is in expert hands.



Want to get your kids coding? There’s a $25 early bird discount (sign up at least two weeks before the course commences) for entry level courses! Click here for more information. HoneyKids readers can also get $50 off their child’s first course, just use the special promo code HK2019. Offer expires on 30 June 2019.


What: SG Code Campus Holiday Camps
When: Mon – Fri, 3 Jun 2019 – 19 July 2019
Times: 9:00 am onwards
Venue: Marine Parade Campus, #03-04 Parkway Centre, 1 Marine Parade Central/Bukit Timah Campus, #02-01A King’s Arcade, 559 Bukit Timah Road

For specific course dates and times, please refer to this schedule.

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