8 awesome books that teach kids how to face their fears

Got a kid that needs a big boost of courage? Here are some books that will help...

What are you scared of?

My younger sister and I are deathly afraid of butterflies and moths. We’re ready to sprint whenever one tries to flutter our way, just in case they land on our shoulders. HoneyKids editor Amy claims “not” to have cried on the A Bug’s Life ride at Walt Disney World, despite her fear of creepy crawlies. A friend won’t go near dogs even if they’re extra cute and fluffy because she thinks they’ll bite her. My already cautious three-year-old has now shared that he is afraid of heights, a trait that he unluckily shares with me and my husband.

Recently, I’ve been working on trying to help my son get over his fear of heights. I ignored the tickling sensation I get in my tummy every time I’m someplace high and stay as close as I can to the glass partition on our balcony to point out interesting things to my son. He’s also started moving closer and closer to the glass, especially when I assure him that the glass partition is there to keep him safe.

Almost everyone has some kind of fear and, as parents, we try our hardest to keep our kids free of phobias. Luckily there are heaps of books out there – some even for specific fears – that could help our scared littlies. Here are some that you could try out:

children's books about facing fears

What Was I Scared Of? by Dr Seuss

What would you do if you saw a pair of pale green pants standing in the dark woods? After spending almost the entire book trying to avoid the pale green pants, the narrator finally realises that the pants are scared too! It just goes to show you that magical things do happen once you face your fears.

The Giraffe Who Was Afraid Of Heights by David A. Ufer

A giraffe that’s afraid of heights? A monkey that’s afraid of climbing and a hippo that’s afraid of water? Find out how these three new friends face their fears as they deal with a sticky situation involving a scary crocodile.

children's books about facing fears doctors snakes

Fish Are Not Afraid of Doctors by J. E. Morris

Taking our little ones to the doctor for their shots is a task that usually involves a lot of tears and bribery. If you’ve got a visit lined up soon, we suggest sharing Maud’s tactic of pretending to be a fish while she gets her shot. 

Everything You Need to Know About Snakes and Other Scaly Reptiles by DK Publishing

One of the easiest ways to help your kids get over their fears is helping them learn more about what they’re afraid of. If snakes give your kids the heebeejeebies, this book has all the reptile facts you could ever think of. The more you know, the better!

children can face their fears with these books

Scaredy Squirrel by Mélanie Watt

Scaredy Squirrel really, really loves his nut tree. It’s his safe haven from the big, bad scary world that’s full of martians, tarantulas and killer bees. But one day he finds himself out of his tree and has to defend himself from all the baddies. This book shows kids that incredible things can happen when we step out of our comfort zones.

I’m Big Enough by Amber Stewart

As grown up as Bean may think she is, she isn’t quite prepared to let go of her precious blanket. Scared that it might get taken away, she hides it but eventually forgets her hiding place. Bean doesn’t care though. She’s found lots of fun things along the way! If you’ve been looking for a way to wean your tot off their ‘blankie’, here’s a book you definitely need to add to your library.

My New Friend Is So Fun by Mo Willems

Fans of Elephant and Piggie know that the two pals are thick as thieves. But one day, Piggie makes a new friend, Brian Bat, and Gerald the Elephant feels bad. So does Snake, who is Brian’s best friend. They think Brian and Piggie will have so much fun together that they’ll no longer need their other friends. This book teaches kids that it’s okay to befriend others and play with other people, too!

Eeeek, Mouse! by Lydia Monks

This book tells the story of Minnie, a smart little girl who lives in a household that’s afraid of mice. She’s determined to save a family of mice from her father’s super-cool mouse trap and a sneaky cat. It’ll help your little one look at mice in a whole new light as they take inspiration from Minnie’s heroic act.

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