Celebrate International Day of Peace in Singapore

International Day of Peace Honeykids Asia Singapore
Time to spread the peace, starting with ourselves. Here are a few ideas to get you started...

All over the world, the International Day of Peace is observed every year on 21 September, including right here in Singapore. Of course, ‘peace’ is a noble and lofty goal on a world scale, but it has to start somewhere. Whether through yoga, good deeds, joining a parade or even just observing the minute of silence that will happen at 12 noon today, it’s all about spreading the peace from right where you stand. So, in the spirit of creating a little peace in your immediate world, we thought we’d bring you some inspiration for how to commemorate and cultivate peace in everyday life – whether it’s finding peace or keeping peace, there’s a piece of it for everyone!

Finding peace

Peace should start with yourself, and maybe that weekly yoga sesh will do the trick but really, what better way to celebrate than giving yourself a pat on the back for keeping the peace (mostly) in your own world. Let’s face it, you’ve survived so far, from awkward teens and expat brats to navigating difficult relationships and fitting in with other mums at the school gate. Give yourself a high five for making thus far in one piece. Carve out space for some ‘you’ time (even 10 minutes a day of self care helps).

Help your family cultivate a sense of peace

Start the kids off on the right foot by helping them understand and regulate their own emotions, whether it’s through fun picture books or mindful parenting – hey, whatever works. Let the kiddos burn off that excess energy at one of Singapore’s heartland playgrounds or stop and smell the roses at some of Singapore’s most beautiful gardens. If the weather’s bad, a spot of gardening might do the trick or get crafty and create a work of art. Teens might be a little harder to please but it’s important to stay strong against that teen angst without getting angsty yourself. If all else fails, bundle up the whole family and get away for a bit – sea breeze and sunshine is always good for the soul.

Give back to your community

Touching on the ‘culture’ part of building a culture of peace, it’s always a good idea to give back a little. Kick things off by recycling that old kettle, donating old toys or swapping instead of shopping: every action makes a difference. Trade out your disposables for eco-friendly wins and cut down on plastic waste, or better yet, ditch the chemicals and switch to all-natural products. Maybe you haven’t found it yet, but there’s always a cause you and your family can help through volunteering or charity work, or an animal who needs a home! Peace can absolutely start within your own community by helping out a fellow mum in a support group. It all counts.

Whatever steps you take, baby steps or mum steps, remember it’s all in the name of peace. Happy International Day of Peace Day, all! Peace out.

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