Here’s the perfect way to introduce your kids to the orchestra: SSO’s Emily Saves the Orchestra

Add SSO’s Emily Saves the Orchestra to your family’s to-do list this November for a fun-filled concert you won’t forget!

From the time our kids were wee little sprouts in our bellies, we’ve been told that classical music is amazing for their brain development. Studies show that it’s also responsible for boosting concentration and self-discipline and even their social skills!

And if you’ve been looking for an opportunity to take them to watch and listen to the good stuff IRL, here’s your chance: the Singapore Symphony Orchestra’s Emily Saves the Orchestra is on from 16–17 November! Nothing beats seeing the performers playing their hearts out and discovering how the perfect balance of different instruments makes all the difference. It’s a feast for both the eyes and ears! Worried that they aren’t ready to move up from kiddies’ cushion events to the full concert hall experience? This event is just the ticket! Want more deets? Read on – we’ve got them all!

Who is Emily?

She’s a reaaaally clever 10-year-old but she needs the audience’s (aka yours and your family’s) help to outsmart a horrible monster, Cacopholous, who wants to silence music forever! Eeek! In this mesmerising children’s concert, drama, dance, dazzling masks and costumes are woven together with orchestral music in a story about bravery and hope. Audiences across the globe have fallen in love with this production, which features excerpts from some of history’s most beloved pieces, including Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, The Nutcracker and the William Tell Overture.

Why we can’t wait to catch it

Kids aged four and up will love how this super show is able to bring orchestral music to life. And that’s really important when you’re trying to inspire your kids to love classical music – the more entertaining, the better (especially when you’re dealing with short attention spans!). This performance will be a great introduction to amazing music by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, conducted by its Associate Conductor, Joshua Tan, alongside actors from Platypus Theatre – sweet!

Fun tips for parents

Emily Saves the Orchestra is an awesome way to introduce your kids to classical music. Before the show, prep your kids and tell them about the different instruments they’re going to listen to. If you’ve got older kids, you can teach them about the different families of instruments and to listen for certain sounds, pitches or even timbres. You could even make a game out of it and encourage them to listen out as much as they can!


All the deets

Where: Victoria Concert Hall, 11 Empress Place, Singapore 179558
Sat, 16 November 2pm, 4pm
Sun, 17 November 2pm

Price: $32, $25 or purchase a family bundle at $116, $90

Book your tickets here! 

See you and the fam at the concert!


This post is sponsored by Singapore Symphony Orchestra