Want to take the morning off and be a kid again? Head over to Gardens by the Bay with CIS

Shake up a Thursday morning and learn why so many parents are raving about CIS’ Open Minds programme for their kids

Morning school run, check. Triple shot latte, check. Schlep over to the supermarket for this week’s forgotten groceries, check. Just another fun morning in the Daily Life of a Mum. But we’ve got something to shake up your daily dose of mundane: On 9 May, we say ditch the kids (just for the morning anyway) and your whole routine and hang out with the cool folk from CIS’s Open Minds Team, and, bonus, grab some coffee or tea and light refreshments and meet some other mum-friends too. It’s a fun #TBT to your own days in school AND a chance to get the full lowdown on CIS’s unique primary school programme, Open Minds. Are you in?

Singapore flora and fauna 101 with the CIS Open Minds experts

This activity is completely unlike your typical open house. Instead of observing students in a classroom, you’ll actually get to see first-hand what it’s like to be a primary student at CIS by taking part in an Open Minds class yourself. You’ll be stepping into the shoes of Dr Plog, Chief Scientist from Mars Space Agency, and participating in a wide range of authentic and enriching, hands-on activities as you explore and discover all the the fascinating facts about “how living things are connected to the environment in which they live”. Open Minds Coordinator Carl Brown will also be providing an informative, engaging explanation about the reasons behind the choice of each activity.

Kids can explore and learn the day away at CIS’ Open Minds Programme.

Why we love the CIS Open Minds programme

The experts from CIS’ Open Minds programme are pros when it comes to innovative learning experiences and it’s all about hands-on adventure. After all, they’re the pioneers when it comes to innovative, experiential learning. The Open Minds programme takes learning beyond the classroom, challenging kids to make connections between their own life and the world around them. Plus, it all links back to the curriculum which in turn helps kids better understand abstract concepts and solve problems in open minded ways. There’s no doubt that it’s a great way for kids to learn and truly appreciate how the world works. This is learning at its exciting best for sure! Can we be kids again, plllllease?

What: CIS Open Minds Mamas Meet-up
Where: Cactus Garden, Gardens by the Bay
When: 9 May 2019, 9am-11am
Price: Free (includes light refreshments too!), but registration is required

This post is sponsored by CIS