Boutiques at the Pit Building: 11 things we must buy at this edition of Singapore’s iconic shopping event

DATE: Friday, November 4, 2016 - Saturday, November 5, 2016
TIME: Fri 9am-8pm, and Sat 10am-8pm
VENUE: #02-01 to #02-03, F1 Pit Building, No. 1 Republic Boulevard, Singapore 038975
PRICE: Free admission, free parking

Are you jumping up and down with unfettered excitement? We are, and it’s highly likely we won’t stop until 4 November. You see, that’s when a very special event kicks off for its second installment of 2016. Boutiques is quite possibly our favourite event of the year and we’re shamelessly excited. If we’re not at it, we’re talking about it. And this time around the clever Boutiques team has given us the ultimate leave pass to part ways with some cash: it’s The Gifting Edition! “That’s right, none of this is for me, it’s all in the spirit of giving! You know how much Grandma loves kaftans!” Whether you need a leave pass or not, put your covet pants on because here we share the 11 things we’re hoping to score.

So many bright and happy goodies to be nabbed at this year's Boutiques!

So many bright and happy goodies to be nabbed at The Gifting Edition of Boutiques!

Now, when the last edition of Boutiques rolled into town we coached you wisely with our 10 rules for shopping, all of which are still very much relevant. This time around we’ve done the hard work for you and knocked over ‘Rule #10: Do your research’. But first, in case you’ve been rock-dwelling, let us fill you in on what this baby is all about.

Boutiques at the Pit Building is a twice-yearly affair that ups the ante in the Singapore shopping stakes. This event brings together more than 150 Singapore-based independent labels, covering fashion for women, men and kids, accessories, home décor, furniture, toys, and loads more. Some retailers even use the event to launch their new designs exclusively (including several Singapore Fashion Week designers), so you’re sure to find plenty of goodies that you just won’t stumble across elsewhere. You’re also sure to bump into friends who are sneakily solo shopping in order to nab the best buys without the competition of like-minded souls. It happens.

While shopping is the main event, even we need a breather for a bit. You’ll probably find us propping up the Champagne and Wine Bar by Pop Up Wines, nibbling on tasty treats from Violet Oon Singapore in the café, relaxing in the Rice lounge while the kids let off steam in the Playspace by The Children’s Showcase, or trying our hand at a craft workshop hosted by Bloesem and Hili Studio. The gents can dial up the dapperness with a whiskey tasting in the Gentlemen’s Club, hosted by EC Proof in collaboration with our favourite milliners, Hat of Cain. And when you really feel the need to take a load off, an express mani or pedi by The Nail Social is a great way to admire all the purchases nestled at your feet.

Alongside the frivolity is Boutiques’ strong history of supporting charities and non-profit organisations, and this year is no different. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about – and donate or volunteer if you wish – the amazing work done by BABES, the pregnancy crisis support centre, Open Book, which provides a library for street kids in Phnom Penh, and The Nail Social, which helps single mums in Singapore. Other charities getting involved in the event include Indian Spicebox, La Tierra, The Social Factor, and plenty more. Pop along and check them out!

Stock up on cool kids' clothing, decor and more at Boutiques.

Stock up on cool kids’ clothing, decor and more at Boutiques.

Now, as promised, here are the 11 things we must bring home if we’re to call ourselves legitimate Singapore shoppers:

1. For mums and kids: Sukki beach scarf from The Wit and The Will
This is everything we love in a beach accessory (or in anything, if we’re honest): pom poms, fun colours, and light and breezy fabric. And, it’s multi-purpose! It’s a sarong, a towel, a scarf, a shawl, a picnic rug, or a place to hide for a moment when the kids become too much to handle.

2. For kids: Baby Straps dress from Little Man
We’re big fans of Bobo Choses around here, so if this dress is a happening thing at Boutiques, we’ll be nabbing some for our daughters and one for ourselves (they come in size 467 months, no?).

3. For babies: Crabs bloomers playsuit from Sea Apple
Swoon. This baby playsuit (and the entire Sea Apple range) is conjuring up visions of long days by the seaside in vintage swimsuits, sipping pina coladas and flinging our little bundles of giggling joy in the air, before we all wander slowly home, sleepy, sunkissed, and grinning from ear-to-ear.

Dads get a look-in too, with beautiful leather goods and a 'Gentlemen's Club' to kick back in.

Dads get a look-in too, with beautiful leather goods and a ‘Gentlemen’s Club’ to kick back in.

4. For dads: Chevalier backpack from BNVVT
For the dad who fancies himself as a knight riding off into the sunset after a stunning victory, or perhaps just likes to carry his kit around in style while keeping his hands free, this backpack is it.

5. For mums (& maybe kids too?): Baggu in peach watermelon from An Uplifted Day
Bag your fruit in a bag of fruit! These Baggu bags make grocery shopping a hell of a lot more fun than hitting the ‘checkout’ button on your laptop. Grab one and hit the shops, people!

6. For mums: ‘Don’t beat yourself up’ reminder band from The Mindful Company
It should be mandatory to give one of these to every mum before they leave the maternity ward. Enough said. 

7. For kids: BE BOLD. BE BRAVE. T-shirt from It’s Maximus
‘Be bold. Be brave’: A mantra we’d like our kids to live by (except when refusing to eat their vegies), so why not let them roam around with it emblazoned on a brightly coloured t-shirt?

8. For the nursery: ok, we want this entire nursery from Deer Industries
We don’t actually know if Deer Industries is selling every item in this nursery set-up, so if we have to settle for just one, the giraffe is coming with us. Especially as he doubles as a magnetic notice board!

Mums deserve a treat or three, don't you think? All your accessories and clothing shopping is sorted at Boutiques.

Mums deserve a treat or three, don’t you think? All your accessories and clothing shopping is sorted at Boutiques.

9. For mums: Natural Curiosities 50% cashmere, 50% linen scarf from Ayesha Cashmere
Now this just sounds like a winning arrangement: cashmere and linen joining hands and wrapping themselves around our necks. Yes please.

10. For mums: Call Me Dotty top from NIDA SHAY (a Singapore Fashion Week designer)
Anything with pom poms in a dazzlingly bright hue gets automatic entry into our shopping bags. Job done, NIDA SHAY.

11. For dads: Linus key holder from Rever
This genius little key ring allows you to protect your phone, iPad, sunglasses, or any other scratchable item by neatly tucking the keys away in a stylishly snug leather cover. This leaves your keys free to roam wildly around in your bag or pocket as they so desire. Clever, Rever, very clever.

Boutiques at the F1 Pit Building, 1 Republic Boulevard, Singapore 038975. Opening hours: Friday, 4 November 9am to 8pm and Saturday, 5 November 10am to 8pm. Parking is free.

Payment can be made by all major credit cards, NETS, cash, and cheque. Follow Boutiques on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates or check out their new website.

This post is sponsored by Boutiques.