A Book Where Your Child Is The Main Character

Find Of The Week

Personalised kids’ products are reasonably common gifts these days but that makes them no less popular. How excited we were then when we stumbled upon this totally unique and beautiful idea: a book where your child is the main protagonist.

Lost my name 1

Lostmy.name is a personalized adventure where your child wakes up one morning to discover their name has gone missing, kicking off a quest to find it. Each page is a step in a magical journey to recover each letter of their name. Watch this awesome vid to see how the book comes to life.

Lost my name 3

Filled with fantastical creatures, funny encounters, clever words and lovely illustrations, we wanted one of these for every child we knew as soon as we saw it. They make great baby gifts but they really get a practical workout when kids are between 2 and 6 years old. And it doesn’t matter whether they are a girl or boy – there is a character for everyone.

Lost my name 2

What started out as a DIY project by 3 awesome dads and an uncle (no IKEA furniture assemblage for these guys), Lostmy.name is the culmination of over 150 different illustrations with various story features that can be combined to create a book for over 14,000 names. Needless to say the technology and coding behind all of this is pretty amazing and has us wishing our kids will learn code some day!

Lost my name 4

All lovely pages are digitally printed in the UK on uncoated environmentally friendly, thick paper in A4 size. Each book is printed on demand especially for your child and this process takes about 7 days. Tack on some time after that for international shipping. The books cost about SGD$41 and you’ll receive 5% discount off a second book.