Shoe shopping woes begone! Here’s why Happy Step Store’s your new shoe BFF

Tired of sole-searching for your little ones? Check out Happy Step Store’s range of first-walker friendly, high-quality kids shoes!

When it comes to shopping for the perfect pair of shoes, kids can be a tough crowd to please. It doesn’t fit right, I don’t like the colour, it’s painful… hearing these complaints will make any parent want to put a sock in it for sure! And nobody resonates with this more than Irina, the founder of the Happy Step Store. Not only was it important for her to please her picky young daughter who had strong opinions on fashion and footwear, she also wanted shoes that were orthopaedic friendly too!

If you feel the same way Irina does, you’re in luck! Happy Step Store has officially landed on the sunny shores of Singapore, bringing us fashion forward orthopaedic friendly footwear for our little people! Need some handy tips on buying kids’ shoes? Irina gives HoneyKids the lowdown:

How to find the right shoes for little feet

Contrary to popular belief, your tot’s shoes shouldn’t be too soft. Since your little explorers are cautiously venturing out into the world and working on turning those shaky steps into actual walking, they’ll need good support. This means that the shoes need to fit your tot’s feet snugly, which will give them stability. Your best bet? Shoes with a semi-hard heel. Not only will it keep your newbie walker’s heel in place, it also gives them the support they need. And if you want to keep those shoes on, they need to be comfortable. Choose shoes made out of natural material like leather or suede to keep tiny sweaty feet and toes smelling and feeling fresh!

What kind of shoes SHOULDN’T you buy?

Flip-flops, rubber, and foam shoes are a big no-no, especially for first time walkers. Even in sunny Singapore they are a beachwear not a daily outfit. They don’t give little feet the support they need. Also, you should choose shoes that fit snugly and have a wee bit of extra space for their toes to wiggle (around 1-1.5cm). Buying shoes that are too tight or too big could cause damage to those precious feet, especially at a time when their toe joints are still soft and fragile.

And don’t be afraid to pay a bit more for kids’ shoes. You know the old adage “You get what you pay for”? Reputable brands do cost a bit more but are usually made of better quality material. Scrimp and you’ll probably end up spending a fortune on treating orthopaedic problems in the future.

Got a picky little shoe shopper? Check out Happy Step Store’s cool collection of cute, functional kids shoes!

Why we love Happy Step Store

For cool, quality shoes for little boys and girls that are as cute as they are functional, we love Happy Step Store. They carry reputable Italian brands like Falcotto and Naturino, which both use the highest quality leather and suede, and are also recommended by orthopaedists because they provide proper heel and arch support. Want your own pair? We know we do! Simply head to the Happy Step Store’s website and use their super handy Size Guide to get you started! Happy shoe shopping!


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