Best school holiday camps in Singapore: music, coding and robotics at SOMOS

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Wondering how to keep your kids occupied during the year-end holidays? SOMOS Summer Camp might just be the answer, with tons of activities for 21st century kids. Entrepreneurship and robotics, anyone?

The school holidays will be here before you know it (how are we already in October?), and that means having to come up with lots of ideas to keep the kids occupied. As much as all day family outings and trips to exotic destinations are great, there’s no denying that finding the time, money and/or energy to make them happen isn’t always easy. That’s where a magical little thing called summer camp comes to the rescue, or to be more specific: SOMOS summer camp! Defying the notion of camps as boring and a pain in the butt for kids, SOMOS is packed with fun-filled, educational, and non-traditional activities that will leave your little people begging to return.

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We have to admit, we’re a little jealous of the cool stuff kids get to experience at SOMOS. That’s mainly because our own summer camps revolved around sitting near a fire singing endless songs. In contrast, what SOMOS has in store are enrichment activities specially crafted for the 21st century kid! Aside from music, pottery, and basketball, kids will be clued in on tech-related topics like coding and robotics. The camp’s signature Kids Entrepreneurship course also gives your little ones the chance to hone their logical thinking skills, and take the first step towards becoming leaders of tomorrow. To top it off, there are also fringe activities which expose children to traditional Singapore culture.

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Kids learning about all things tech

With so much on offer, we’re pleasantly surprised by how affordable camp fees are. The cost of attending individual enrichment activities can really burn a hole in your pocket (classes in pottery and coding usually start from $40-$60 per hour!), so we’re all for a camp that packs in as much as possible at a reasonable price. SOMOS Summer Camp’s fees start from as low as $399 for its 2 day camps, and $1099 for its new five day camp. What’s more, just top up $50 (two day camp) or $100 (five day camp) and all food (lunch and tea) and transportation to activity venues will be entirely covered by SOMOS throughout camp days, making it a truly all-in experience for the kids.

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Campers having a ball of a time!

But enough from us – we know you want proof that the camp’s the real deal. Here’s what parents themselves had to say about the previous run in September and how it was a huge hit with their kids!

“Great delivery, engaging activities and outstanding outcomes. The level of dedication and passion during the session has made this such a great opportunity for my kids! They loved the session and haven’t stopped talking about the camp since.”
– Lim May May, Mother of camp attendee Janessa Kwek

The interesting activities promoting 21st century skill sets and competencies, coupled with dedicated facilitators, made SOMOS Summer Camp worth the while! There were so many intangible takeaways for my little one, as well as for parent volunteers. We witnessed our children engaged in learning while having an absolute blast with friends. The smiles and the sparkle in their eyes said it all. We’ll definitely be back for more!”
– Lim Hwee Hwa, Mother of camp attendees Jayden and Jovan Liu

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*No refunds to be provided.

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