Best international schools in Singapore: Odyssey Wilkinson parent review

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For Monika Tija, an ideal international school is a safe space where kids thrive under the guidance of caring teachers. She shares how her daughter’s school, Odyssey Wilkinson, fits the bill…

So you’ve spent weeks researching the best international school for your little one, and have even done a couple of campus tours. But sometimes the best way to know if a school is right for your child is to hear it from parents themselves. We had a chat with Monika Tija, whose daughter Myra currently attends Odyssey Wilkinson, on why the school was the perfect choice.

Hi Monika, please tell us about your daughter?
Myra, our older girl is attending the K1 program at Odyssey Wilkinson. I would describe her as a cheerful girl with a curious mind and strong character.

What were the most important factors for you in selecting a school?
Safety and hygiene are definitely top priorities. Children have to be in a safe and clean environment where they can explore. Secondly, I like the fact that Odyssey does not focus only on academic performance. Children can learn through play and discovery. Thirdly, it is the quality of the teachers. Teachers at Odyssey are engaging, full of energy, and experienced in early childhood education. All in all, we have to feel a sense of positive energy from the school.

How has the school lived up to your expectations?
Seeing how happy Myra is going to school every day says it all. She is now more creative in her thinking, asking interesting questions and coming up with surprising answers. She’s also our home’s ‘investigator’. She’ll often say, “I need to investigate this because I’m from K1 Investigators!” I must say, as parents we are also challenged to think outside the box and be more open-minded.

Honeykids Asia Odyssey Myra

For Myra, school is all about discovering and having fun!

What does your child like most about attending Odyssey Wilkinson?
Whenever I ask Myra this, she’ll tell me: “I get to play with my friends and see my favourite teachers!” Other than that, I know that she loves learning and teaching us the new things she has learnt in school.

What sort of curriculum does the school offer?
This school does a lot of enquiry-based learning. Children are also encouraged to discover and explore through hands-on activities. All these allow them to strengthen their questioning and solving abilities, as well as creativity.

Honeykids Asia Odyssey Family

At Odyssey, there’s lots of opportunities for parents to be actively involved

What advice would you give other parents trying to choose a school?
Visit the school during school hours and not after. This way, they’ll have a better feel of what the everyday life of a student is like. It’s also a good way to gauge if the students there are happy. When we visited Odyssey Wilkinson (a few times), students were outspoken and laughing a lot!

Also, know the curriculums that different schools provide, and decide which one you want for your child. We believe there is no ‘perfect’ school. A perfect school is one where your child thrives best at.

Are you satisfied with the level of communication you receive from the school and how they engage parents?
Extremely! On top of the twice a year parent-teacher meetings, we get weekly updates via the school’s LittleLives app (with pictures) to keep us up-to-date with what our girl is doing in school. The teachers also send constant reminders, a lifesaver for busy parents who have too many things to remember. However, what we like most is the opportunity to communicate with teachers on a daily basis when we send Myra to school. And of course, the school has quite a few events that allow parents to be involved in and have fun, which is awesome!

What do you value most about the school?
The caring and dedicated staff. This is reflected by how much Myra loves her teachers and going to school.

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