Best international schools: German European School Singapore (GESS) provides multi-lingual education from Preschool to Secondary

If you’re looking for an international school that opens up your kids’ options in Europe (among other lovely places!), pop 22 November in your diary – German European School Singapore will ‘wilkommen’ you to experience a day in the life of a multi-lingual GESS student!

Due to its strong focus on languages and the fact that it’s the only international school in Singapore to award the German Language Diploma, studying at GESS really does broaden future study options for graduates. The school provides education in German following the German Curriculum, and English education following the IB Curriculum. Every year, GESS certifies students from the English-speaking IB section of the school with the German Language Diploma, which then acts as a gateway for their tertiary education in Germany. This Diploma is an internationally recognised German language competency test, so once it’s attained, no further language tests are needed. Wunderbar! Students are also well prepared for study all over the world – the Secondary language programs at GESS prepare kids for study in countries like the UK and Australia, through supporting mother tongue language acquisition so that students don’t lose that vital connection to their home culture.


GESS provides education in German following the German Curriculum, and English education following the IB Curriculum.

Primary students in the German and European Section at GESS can also select a weekly 90-minute course known as the Language Enrichment Program (LEP). This program helps to build fluent little speakers of their home languages (English or German), plus 11 other languages. The kids get to enjoy fun, interactive language-focused activities while developing their cultural knowledge and identity. Preschool students get to join the fun too, with either English or German education from 18 months through to six years of age.


Students at GESS build cultural knowledge and identity through fun, interactive activities.

Excellent language programs aside, what else does this not-for-profit school have to offer? Personally, we’re a little excited about the brand new campus that will be throwing open its doors, catering for up to 2,000 students in August 2018. The school plans to bring its two existing campuses together into one stunning new complex with state-of-the-art facilities. We had a peek at the plans (you can too in a video you’ll find here) and it looks amazing! With lots of open spaces, plenty of greenery, and state-of-the-art facilities, we get the feeling the 1,500 current GESS students (who hail from a whopping 50 different countries, by the way) will be more than comfortable here.


Kids get plenty of language support at GESS.

Interesting fact: kids who study in Germany as international students don’t have to pay any additional tuition fees. So, armed with a GESS education, your children could study at an internationally recognized university – regardless of their nationality – for a super-low fee.

Sound good? Register for the Open Classroom Day on 22 November (10am-1pm) and check it out for yourself. Schnell, schnell!

This post is sponsored by German European School Singapore.