Best double strollers: For babies, toddlers and twins in Singapore

Double strollers Bugaboo Donkey Honeykids Asia Singapore
Side-by-side or tandem, whatever your requirements, we’ve got the perfect solution. Here are the best strollers built for two!

Yes, we do think it’s a little insane how many prams and strollers there are in Singapore. But when you have to venture out with two kids under the age of three (usually on a daily basis), there’s no way around it. Baby wearing is a great idea, but not always ideal if you’re out for long periods (think about the backache at the end of the day!). Two single strollers just won’t cut it even if you tie them together (the strollers, not the kiddos).


Luckily, there are options for growing families in Singapore. Whether you’re expecting twins or welcoming your second or third child, there’s a stroller in this guide that will suit your needs.

Bugaboo Donkey²
Twins or no, the Bugaboo Donkey² (pictured above) is a sturdy set of wheels that can handle pretty much anything. This versatile ride converts easily from a side-by-side double to a single stroller, so you can use it even when you’re bringing out just one kid. The Bugaboo Donkey² doesn’t just grow with your kids, but it also offers plenty of luggage space for your diaper bag, grocery bags, stuffed toys etc. If you’re looking to lighten your load when out and about with the kids, this is one asset you can’t do without.
Buy: Motherswork, $2,558

Double strollers phil_ted_voyager Honeykids Asia Singapore

The voyager comes with 4-in-1 adaptable seats.

voyager from phil&teds push stroller range
phil&teds push stroller range is perfect for families whose minds aren’t quite made up on the number of kids they plan on having. The Voyager’s 4-in-1 system means you can modify the stroller and the seats to your needs. It can fit just a baby or just a toddler; a baby and a toddler; or two tots. This nifty ride also fitted with all-terrain tires for a smoother ride and brake systems to prevent runaways – again, the stroller, not the kiddos. Whether you love taking the kids to the park or just for a quick trip to the store, this stroller ticks all the right boxes.
Buy: First Few Years, from $1,199


Double Strollers Mountain Buggy nano-duo Honeykids Asia Singapore

Mountain Buggy’s nano duo is essential for surviving commutes.

Mountain Buggy Nano Duo Buggy
Weighing only 9kg, the nano duo buggy can seat two newborns up to three years old without compromising on comfort or safety. Easily stored in a two-step compact fold, you can even strap it over your shoulder to squeeze into buses and trains.
Buy: First Few Years, $799, Motherswork

Double Strollers Baby Jogger City Select Honeykids Asia Singapore

It’ll be a cinch to take the whole fam out with the Baby Jogger City Select

Baby Jogger City Select
The City Select is the gift that keeps on giving. This convertible stroller has not one, not two, but 16 different configurations to choose from! Convert from a single to double stroller and even attach a glider board for older siblings to hitch a cheeky ride on. The seats even have multiple recline positions and a child tray for easy meals on the go. Add to that the hand-operated parking brake, adjustable handlebar and quick fold technology (it collapses in one single step) and you’ve got yourself a winner!
Buy: Pupsik Studio, $1,299

Double Strollers vee bee Honeykids Asia Singapore

Vee Bee’s 2 Step In Line Stroller has a backward facing seat so baby can see you while strolling.

Vee Bee 2 Step In Line Stroller
Lightweight and compact, Vee Bee’s is a no frills double stroller that gets the job done. Compact enough to get through tricky doorways, but large enough to accommodate a baby and a tot, it’s backward facing bassinet seat (can accommodate up to 15kg) is perfect for baby to see you while strolling. Wiggly tots gets to sit the other way, so they can be fully-entertained with the view of the outside world.
Buy: First Few Years, $349

Double Strollers Mima Kobi Honeykids Asia Singapore

Who wouldn’t want to be seen about town with one of these babies…

Mima Kobi
If you’re looking for a stroller to suit your ‘Insta mum’ lifestyle, the urban chic Mima Kobi should definitely be on your radar. Featuring a frame that can take up to two seats or bassinets, this inline stroller is suitable for up to two toddlers. A full fold can be easily achieved with a simple press of a button and lift of a lever, and when folded it stands at a compact 100 x 63 x 4. This is one stylish stroller we’d love to be seen taking the kids out in.
Buy: Mothercare, $1,599

Top image credit: Bugaboo

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