Best classes for babies in Singapore: swimming, yoga, music, sign language and sensory play

Music, swimming, gym and sensory play classes for babies in Singapore HoneyKids Asia

Looking for cute activities in Singapore to take your baby to? You’ve exhausted the favourite baby books and maxed-out the coffee fix at your mums’ group, but still keen to get out and about and do something meaningful for the little one whilst you’re at it? If this feels familiar, we’ve done a whole lot of research for you here, with a huge range of baby classes in Singapore, from music to yoga and everything in between.

Envious of our baby’s innate yoga abilities? Time to catch up! These classes, in which babies are welcome, are fun and relaxing. The folk at Kanga Kids Yoga keep babies stimulated with fun moves, props, and songs, while mums get a basic stretch. Kanga Kids has classes for crawling, standing and walking bubs, as well as a mix of all three, and nicely priced packages which will keep you coming back for more.

The weekly classes at Inspire Mum & Baby focuses on relaxation and contentment for your little one, making these classes hard to resist!

Like yoga, young babies have an uncanny ability in the water, and are also dangerously attracted to water, so learning basic water safety, like how to float on your back, is  not only a real bonus, but lots of fun! You can organise private classes in your condo, or private pool, but if you’re happy to venture out, we love the ‘Mums & Bubs’ classes in the saltwater (gentle on the skin) indoor and outdoor, slightly heated pools at Swish Swimming. We also recommend Aqua Ducks for their small classes at eight different locations, with plenty of one-on-one time for babies aged over six months. Little Splashes offers programs of 11-12 weeks in length and you can sign up for a trial class before deciding to commit. Inspire Mum & Baby starts by recreating the womb in your bathtub! But also has a weekly schedule and offers private classes at home for groups of six or more. Time to hit the pool!



Get your little monkey into music early at Musical Monkeys!

Your little one will benefit from a sing-along through helping to build her language and cognitive skills, practicing social behaviour, and brightening her mood. At Muse Arts, tots aged from one to six years learn while having fun with original compositions (yep, no ‘Old MacDonald’ or ‘Wheels on the Bus’ here!). The songs are carefully crafted to suit the age group’s attention span, ensuring bubs and kids get the most out of the experience that they possibly can. Some of the classes are held at indoor playgrounds across Singapore, meaning you can also squeeze in some playtime while you’re there!

Aside from the cute name, we like Mini Maestros for its focus on building your confidence in sharing music with your baby if they’re six months and up, and its four convenient locations around Singapore. Jiggle Wigs is an easy favourite for their bright catchy tunes and loads of jiggly, wiggly instruments to play with! Musical Monkeys is a good one if you’d like to get started early, as they offer newborn classes at Mother & Child at Tanglin, including some classes in German. Boogie Bug Music by The Amazing ToyBox is a huge amount of fun for one to three year-olds, and it’s worth trying a class at Gymboree to see if it works for you, as their daily classes are super convenient for an impromptu baby jam session.

Is there anything cuter than seeing a baby light up and wiggle to a tune? The music and movement class at Dancing Kids is loads of fun, with singing, dancing, and general mayhem. Babies can also graduate to ballet once they’re over 18 months old. For a class that’s probably of more benefit to mum than baby (but we couldn’t resist giving it a mention), check out Mum and Baby Dancercise at Inspire Mum & Baby. Pop your baby in a carrier or sling and get your groove on for an hour. Think of it as squeezing in a much-needed workout while you and your bub have a good giggle.

General play
If you’re after a simple change of scenery and casual socialising whilst bub gurgles and plays without any structure, there are lots of lovely outings for you to chose from. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourites!

Firstly, check out Baby Sensory for some gentle fun with, as the name suggests, sensory play. Bubbles Gymnastics at Turf City runs ‘Gymtots’ most mornings for babies aged one to three years old, and provides a good mix of free play and structured activities such as basic gymnastics, song and dance, and the use of hand apparatus.

Mucky Pups, for one to three year-olds, is a fun themed class where little ones can play games, paint, and hear stories all about Halloween one week and flowers the next. Throw in some bubble blowing and sing-alongs and even the mums want to keep coming back!

Check out Waka Waka by the Polly Wogs @ Annex Furama in the Central Area where the big kids can whizz around whilst those under 90cm have their own little space to explore. The large cafe within the centre provides the perfect break for parents and kids alike.

Catering for the younger babies, Baby Stage at Centre Stage gives babies aged six to eighteen months a fun and colourful morning of play and exploration at Portsdown and the East Coast.

Blue House has a range of classes and drop in sessions in their infant and toddler ateliers, including a ‘Daddy & Me’ class on Saturday mornings.

Babyroo at Kindyroo has a fantastic range of programs for newborns including massage, and movement. Babies can move into new classes as they start to crawl and walk. So much playing to do, so little time!

Pip’s PLAYbox at the Esplanade is an amazing space designed by Lekker Architects, a husband and wife team of Reggio Emilia devotees. It’s a magical space for kids of all ages with indoor and outdoor play. Drop-in is free. The website’s a little tricky to navigate, so this blog has some good information (note the space is closed from 2-3pm for cleaning).

Drop in to Playeum at the Gillman Barracks from Tuesday to Sunday 10-6pm to play in an exciting space where art meets tinkering shed! Catering to children from 1-12 years old, it’s a divine space for the young and the old.



Try baby massage and other classes at Mother & Child.

Other fun stuff
So you and baby have been for a dip, saluted the sun, sung and played your hearts out together. What’s left? Plenty, it seems. Create a ceramic hand or footprint as a cute little keepsake at The Art Room or check out the library together at the Baby Lapsit Program for little ones aged up to 12 months. Learn about the benefits of baby massage for newborns and how to do it properly at a class at Beauty Mums & Babies. Or, get started on some early communication skills with the ladies at Baby Signs Singapore.

With so many fun classes to check out, who’s got time to stay at home?

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