Keeping Community Spirit Alive

Why Avondale is just so different

Imagine walking through the school gates and the teacher not only greets you and your child by name, but also knows the names of your smaller children too. Is it friendliness or inclusiveness? At Avondale Grammar School, it’s more than that. This is a school where genuine Aussie community spirit elevates its status from international co-ed school, to a home away from home and positively impacts everything they do.

Outstanding Academic Results
In the preschool years, the UK Early Years Foundation Stage and the Australian Early Years Framework combine perfectly to inspire the youngest pupils. With a strong emphasis on creating a place of belonging, made possible by attractively small class sizes (1:8), children can feel safe to explore and enquire.Small classes are retained from (1:11)  to (1:23) as students move on to the internationally recognized Australian Curriculum from Foundation to Year 8. The low student to teacher ratio in these years has allowed Avondale to achieve exceptional NAPLAN results year on year since its establishment.

Avondale Grammar School

Dedicated and Personal Attention
Avondale understand that students need committed and kind support in multiple areas of development in order to reach their full potential. Through careful assessment they will come to know how your child learns best, where their strengths lie and how they can be promoted, where they need a little extra help. This extra care and attention leads to happy and more successful learners. And this doesn’t just happen in isolation. Teachers work closely with parents to develop Personal Achievement Targets for the school year that keep everyone on the same page.

Grooming A Well-Rounded Character
The dynamic teachers at Avondale also recognize the importance of building “softer” life skills like resilience, independence, confidence and perseverance. These attributes can critically impact success and Avondale students acquire them quite naturally through the varied opportunities and experiences available at Avondale. This year a school-wide initiative encouraging kids to show kindness, honesty, respect, responsibility and integrity is gaining momentum and the chance to receive awards at a weekly assembly is being hotly contested – students are killing it with kindness!


The Australian Community Spirit
The parents, students and teachers of Avondale Grammar School form a dynamic and uplifting network of people. Whether you want to be an occasional mystery reader, be part of the running club or book club, help stage the art auction, participate in the Riverkids social welfare project or just mingle at a toddler coffee morning, you can get involved as much or as little as you like. And not just the Mums – Dads can get out for school sanctioned golf days, Dad’s Camp with the kids and Dad’s nights out!

The whole family can’t help but forge life long friendships at Avondale Grammar. While we’re all enjoying the brilliant career and travel opportunities on offer in this bustling metropolis, our kids are also being afforded the very best education, in a place where they truly belong.

This post is sponsored by Avondale Grammar School.