Guide to Australian International School’s curriculum in Singapore

Students are introduced to an Australian curriculum that is complemented by the IGCSE, IB Diploma and Australian HSC. But it's not just about being book-smart!

The well-respected Australian International School in Singapore needs no introduction, but what you may not know about is the extensive research the school has undergone to design the best curriculum in Singapore they can, that is both dynamic and well-balanced to keep every child interested, focused and wanting to achieve their personal best. And it’s not all about being book-smart either. This is an education centre on the Red Dot that sees kids enjoying school, and learning in a way that will take them from the classroom to the boardroom, no troubles. Read on to find out more about the Australian International School curriculum in Singapore.

Teaching kids the way they want to learn
At AIS they practice a combination of academic learning and learning through discovery. Rigid information is deconstructed to make it accessible for every type of learner. Students get ample opportunity to feel, think, enquire and respond on subjects and direct their own learning.

Taking the best of everything
To give children the competitive edge for later in life, AIS handpicks the best facets of a number of different curriculums to make up the unique Australian International School curriculum. Students are introduced to an Australian curriculum that is complemented by the IGCSE, IB Diploma and Australian HSC. AIS prides itself in having the perfect blend global syllabus to deliver learning results and put children in good stead for the future, wherever they may end up.


A variety of environments
Amazing opportunities lie within the stimulating environs of an AIS classroom. With a Reggio Emilia inspired set-up, students can break up desk work to investigate and explore. Not all learning happens in the classroom either. In true Aussie spirit, AIS like to take students in to the great outdoors where nature is the teacher and children acquire knowledge through a more tactile and physical experience.

Making the most of natural good habits
Good habits begin early and children naturally want to do the right thing, so it’s critical to harness this attribute and nurture it from a young age. AIS are experts at recognising this and fostering the inherent aptitude that each student possesses. Small class sizes allow teachers to provide special attention and tailored learning.


Beyond the books
AIS encourages students to explore their artistic and sporting abilities. Importantly, these pursuits provide an outlet for pure fun and fitness. But they are also great arenas in which to build pride, leadership, teamwork, communication and confidence – all attributes that will have them excelling as adults.

Summing it all up
In the words of the Head of Elementary Mignon Weckert, “The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme provides a comprehensive curriculum framework for all learning in the Elementary School. The students develop knowledge, skills, concepts and attitudes which are relevant, significant, engaging and challenging across all learning areas. As Boyer says ‘To be truly educated a student must also make connections across the disciplines, discover new ways to integrate the separate subjects, and ultimately relate what they learn to life.’  Students are equipped and empowered to take responsibility for their learning, engaging in personal inquiry. A major focus of learning at AIS is ensuring a sufficient level of challenge for all students with differentiation being a high priority. It is also an expectation that some form of student action will occur as a result of the learning process.”

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