Apps to get your kids and toddlers coding like a pro

Minecraft isn’t the only way kids can get into coding. Get them to pick up coding concepts through puzzles and challenges using these cool apps...

We’ve heard loads about how 21st century skills are indispensable in today’s globalised society and coding definitely ranks up there. Other than teaching kids how to control robots and computers, coding has loads of other advantages including teaching kids creativity, problem-solving and resilience (it can get tough!). If you’re keen to give the kids a head start, we’ve found the best robot toys to teach them coding, some are even screen-less. Tech-savvy kids, listen up! It’s time to get coding with these awesome apps… 

Robotizen: Kid learn Coding Robot 5+


Help Sona, Luna and Tesla stop the nefarious Professor Mad and his evil robot, Bull from taking over the world. Navigate puzzles, collect crystals and dodge obstacles – all through coding! Kids will pick up coding concepts such as patterns, sequences, loops and conditionals. You can upgrade the robot Tesla with new gear to solve more complex puzzles, escape and even fight enemies. There are 130 levels, and the first 10 levels are free.
Cost: Download for free, or $0.99 on the App Store
Get it from Google Play or 
App Store

Coding Games For Kids – Learn To Code With Play

Coding Games for Kids

This app has over 700 games for kids to practise coding concepts like simple sequences, loops, arrays and coordinates. Little ones will help a monster brush its teeth, make smoothies, fight fires and more, and the best part? The kids won’t even realise they’re learning to code! The app is free to download with a few free games, including the free game of the week.
Cost: Free to download, from $4.99 per month (full version)
Get it from Google Play or App Store

Code-Karts Pre-coding for kids


Race to the finish line by arranging code tiles in simple sequences. The game is simple and effective, and we love the colour-coded hints. The app has more than 70 levels with 10 free levels to try out as well as a competition mode. You can also track your child’s progress through the account.
Cost: Free to download, $4.49 (full version)
Get it from Google Play or App Store

Algorithm City : Coding Game for Kids with Animals

Algorithm City

Help a cute little penguin walk, jump, or run to solve tricky puzzles and collect coins. Stuck? Just use the gold coins you’ve collected for a hint or save up to unlock cool new characters. There are 45 levels with difficulties ranging through easy, normal and hard. The puzzles can get tricky (get those brains in gear, kids), but with graphics this adorable the littles will be coding geniuses in no time.
Cost: Free
Get it from Google Play

Coding Planets

Coding Planets

Blast off into the galaxy and help a little robot venture into outer space to collect crystals. Kids will be able to explore different planets and solve logic puzzles within 10 steps using functions and loops. There’s currently only 26 challenging levels to solve but the good news is the app is completely free!
Cost: Free
Get it from Google Play

Switch & Glitch – Coding Game

Switch & Glitch

Something’s gone wrong and it’s up to you to fix it! Explore planets and collect mysterious metagel while activating switches to solve puzzles. Each step in the code produces an image simulation to make coding easier. Conquer levels solo or beat your friends in the multiplayer modes to see who can code the fastest. Unlock new costumes and parts to make a totally unique robots and then set forth to space, the final frontier.
Cost: Free
Get it from Google Play or 
Apple Store 

SpriteBox: Code Hour


This unique puzzle platformer lets kids navigate their avatar through different terrains using coding to solve problems they face along the way. Cliff too high to jump to? Use coding to place blocks! Obstacle in the way? Use coding to transform them into blocks you can break and get past! Save Sprite’s little friends and he’ll help you get to where you need. If the coding tiles are too simple, you can swap them out for java script like a real coder.
Cost: Free to download, $7.48 (full version)
Get it from Google Play or 
App Store

Lightbot Jr: Coding Puzzles

Lightbox Jr

The objective of the game is simple – light up the blue tiles, but don’t be fooled! The simple square sized platforms can get pretty complicated with just two functions and loops. Kids from preschool age and up are sure to find these puzzles challenging, especially with only a limited number of steps allowed. The free version has 20 levels, which is plenty to get them hooked.
Cost: Free, $2.99 (full version)
Get it from Google Play or the App Store 

Save the Animals

Save the Animals

Not into robots? Why not save cute little animals from extinction by solving platforming puzzles through coding? Help animals including the tamarin, elephant, and leopard escape danger and find shelter. The kiddos can pick up cool conservation facts and admire the animals they’ve saved in the nature reserve (talk about ethical animal encounters!). This one is best played on a tablet as the buttons can be a little small, even for tiny fingers!
Cost: Free to download, $7.99 (full version)
Get it from Google Play or the App Store 

codeSpark Academy & The Foos

codeSpark Academy & The Foos

Codespark teaches kids coding completely word free. They’ll learn coding concepts to solve problems such as helping a detective find donuts or assisting a construction worker collect tools. Kids age four and up will be able to intuitively learn coding (with a bit of help). Once they’ve got the basics down, those little coding pros can code their own projects and games using Foo Studio.
Cost: Free to download, from $7.99 per month
Get it from Google Play or the App Store

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