10 movies coming out in Singapore your kids will want to watch in 2017

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What's showing for kids at the cinema in 2017? We've shared our top 10!

Looking for things to do indoors with the kids? We love a good old-fashioned movie date (or a movie night at home with a classic children’s film or animation). We’ve shared our top 10 flicks showing in Singapore for the rest of 2017: grab the popcorn, people!

(Psst: Want to catch up on some great blockbusters? Check out our list of the best movies for kids from 2016 and earlier this year.)

1. An action-packed film about special operatives in space, Valerian and The City Of A Thousand Planets is definite eye-candy for sci-fi buffs. Plus, Rihanna plays a shape-shifting entertainer. 20 July can’t come sooner.

2. You better believe quirky, fun and childish Crayon Shin-Chan The Movie: Invasion!! Alien Shiriri is invading theatres 20 July – this time, the alien’s the butt of the joke.

Emoji movie honeykids asia
3. There are two choices for the Emoji Movie: ignore the cheese for the star-spangled cast of James Corden, Anna Faris, and its Patrick Stewart stamp of approval, or embrace it. (I think there’s an emoji for that too) Coming 8 August 😉

4. Growing up isn’t easy, your clothes don’t fit, you start growing hair everywhere, and that’s when you find out you’re The Son of Bigfoot. Find out if Adam manages to get his dad (and himself) out of a hairy situation on 7 September.

Mary and the Witch's Flower Honeykids Asia

5. What would you do if you had magic powers for just one night? Based on The Little Broomstick by Mary Stewart, Mary’s magical adventure in Mary And The Witch’s Flower opens on 12 October.

6. Wonder Woman just stole summer 2017, but you can still catch her in the greatest superhero team, Justice League (pictured top), on Nov 16 along with sometimes shirtless, always muscled-men backed by superpowers. “Wait,” The Flash says. “What’s your superpower again?” Batman doesn’t smile as he replies with a deadpan, “I’m rich.” And we love it.

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7. Talk about a chilling heartwarming tale! Disney’s back on Nov 23 with Coco; bringing a family together on the Day of the Dead. Plus, don’t miss Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, a Frozen short which will be screened alongside Coco.

8. Pokémon is leaping from our phones back onto the big screen in Pokémon The Movie: I Choose You! Anyone else getting mad nostalgia vibes for season one? Gotta catch em all on 23 November!

Paddington 2 movie Honeykids Asia

9. We just can’t get enough of this funny little bear and his antics, thank goodness Paddington 2 is coming to visit on 7 December.

10. It’s not just bull, John Cena’s making another dramatic entrance in Ferdinand on 21 December with this hilarious animated feature.