Date nights for Singapore parents: fun ideas for quality time and romance with your partner

Parents, I think we can all agree that a regular date night is essential – not just for staying sane, but for staying connected as the people you were before kids. Need to shake things up a little? Here are some ideas for a night out in Singapore a little different to your usual dinner out...

Rewarding as it is, parenting can be relentless, so we think that we all deserve some time off from serving time outs in order to remember why we fell in love with partners in the first place – before we were just mum and dad! Trying to come up with ideas on how to spend quality time with someone you’ve been with for enough years to pop out several kids with, however, can be a bit of a challenge. We’ve long ago aced the kiddos’ playdates, but we think we might need a bit of a nudge when it comes to organising a hot date with our hot other halves. (Yes we’re still hot – say it with us!)

An al fresco movie makes a nice change from cartoons with the kids! Photography: Movie Mob

See a movie: al fresco or from your car!
Put a twist on the traditional by opting for an outdoor movie night or drive-in flick instead of a conventional cinema. Grab a picnic blanket or empty the car from all the kids’ toys, discarded wrappers and snotty tissues, and check out Singapore’s moveable movie organiser, Movie Mob by Ape for deets of its special outdoor screenings (pictured top) and fortnightly drive-in screenings. All you need to do is find a parking spot with a good view, tune into the FM radio station and snuggle up for a movie date with a difference.

The annual Peroni Sunset Cinema is also heading back to Tanjong Beach during May. Beer, romance, beach and a great movie all rolled into one? Sign us up! Tix sell quick for this popular event, so book early!

Treat yourself to a private chef
In the land of fantastic domestic help this might seem like a misnomer, but we think that booking a private chef and wait staff to arrange an intimate feast ramps up the romance factor and seals the deal on a special night. Our hipster mates over at Honeycombers know where all the best private chefs can be booked for a food, wine and candlelight kind of evening

Learn the language of love
No we don’t mean you have to start kissing each other. (But er, remember that?) Take French lessons together at Alliance Française or French Toast with and promise to go on a holiday to Paris after you’ve picked up some new skills!

Gaze into one another’s eyes – and at an amazing view – with a rooftop dinner and drinks

Go for a scenic glass of something cold
You’d be hard pushed to find a prettier evening skyline than Singapore’s, so head to one of the many rooftop bars for an evening of scenery, conversation (remember that?) and a cocktail or two. We especially love the MBS views from Smoke and Mirrors, the sunsets from The Lantern Bar and the 360 degrees sky scraping wow factor at 1-Altitude. Add dinner to the date to prolong the opportunity for gazing into one another’s eyes.

Dine in the dark
Forget kid-friendly dining and heighten your senses during a unique dinner in the dark at Nox Dine in The Dark. As well as top-notch food and a great date night setting, it also wins points for being the perfect pick if you have been run ragged by the kids and not had time to do your make up: no one will see anyway.

Get quizzical
Quiz nights might not appear romantic on the surface, but it definitely factors high when it comes to fun. And having fun together IS romantic. Test your wits (and hopefully not your relationship) at one of the many trivia nights that happen all over Singapore. We love the regular quizzes over at The Bank Bar + Bistro with a cash prize of $100 for the winning team. Intelligence is sexy.

Toe tap and feel good at a live music gig
Gigs are good. It may seem like an effort to get out of the house at night when all you want to do is flop on the sofa after a prolonged bedtime routine, but seeing some live music with your partner is definitely a better way to unwind than watching TV at home. So next time you want to retreat with your iPad and binge watch Netflix, find a gig instead. Honeycombers ALWAYS know where the next awesome music event is happening, but places like Timbre and Blujaz Cafe always have some great live music to tune into.

Laugh – a lot
The stress of keeping a family functioning can sometimes turn domestic bliss into a war zone, and laughter absolutely holds the power to turn a bad day into a great one in the blink of a good joke. Check out great local and international stand-up comedy acts at the open-mic night at Comedy Masala every Tuesday night from 9pm-11.30pm.

Create a Peranakan print together at an adult-only workshop. Photography: Jennifer Lim Art

Try a workshop for grown-ups
We all get a little run ragged ferrying the kids from art classes to dance lessons, so we think it’s about time we took some time out from worrying about their enrichment, and concentrate on our own! With tons of awesome adult workshops happening all over Singapore, we think taking up a new hobby with your partner is not just romantic, but fun too.

Take up a sport together
Pursuits that involve two people working together, such as kayaking, sailing, or rock climbing can bring out the best in both of you (or the worst if either of you are too competitive!). There’s literally a whole A-Z of Olympic sports available in Singapore, so find one that floats your collective boat but doesn’t sink it with too much rivalry!

Sail off into the sunset
It’s a romantic cliche, but come on, have you cruised around our spectacular city before? Splash out and charter a yacht from Blue Star Yachting for an evening, a weekend or even a week (draft in the grandparents, we say). Club together with some other like-minded couples if the price tag makes you want to jump overboard before you set sail.

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