Donate your time for a good cause: Volunteering in Singapore

The world could use a little help and what better place to make a difference than by volunteering with organisations and charities in Singapore? We take a look at our options...

Singapore is a small place with a big heart, and what better way to really get to that heart than by giving up some of your time to volunteer for a worthy cause? If you’ve been thinking of doing something meaningful with your spare hours, there’s no better time than now to start! Whether you’re a mum with some spare hours between school drop-off and pick-up, or are just looking to meet new friends while doing some good, there are so many ways to be part of the community, while bringing a smile to the world.

P.S. There are also plenty of ways children can volunteer in Singapore show them our article on charitable kids and their amazing achievements for some big inspiration!


Why not give a little bit back to the thousands of women in Singapore who make our lives here so much easier: our helpers! Aidha provides financial literacy programmes including money management, computer courses and entrepreneurial lessons for helpers and lower-income women. How can we help the ladies who help us the most? By volunteering our time to share our knowledge and experience with Aidha’s students. Roles will be assigned to volunteers according to individual skill sets and availability. 
Aidha, e., p. 6341 5287;

Singapore Red Cross Society


The Singapore Red Cross Society has opps for volunteering both at home and overseas. Photography: The Singapore Red Cross

The Red Cross is always looking for volunteers to help out with fundraising projects, ambulance services, extra hands at the Red Cross Home for the Disabled, and persuasive people to assist at blood donation drives! Volunteering is so much more than just time spent; it is also about bringing some much-needed cheer and happiness to those that need it most. Volunteers are welcome regardless of skill sets, experience and background, plus some volunteer work can even be done from home.
Singapore Red Cross Society, p. 6664 0500, e.;

Riding for the Disabled (RDA)

We are big fans of this amazing initiative, which creates a fun horseriding experience for children and adults with special needs. Don’t worry if you have no previous experience handling horses: full training will be given, and the RDA is  always delighted to hear from potential volunteers (especially those who may be interested in sidewalking with the riders). We spent a happy morning meeting Louis, Boss, Glow, Tenzing and the other 16 retired polo and race horses, and watched how just a single session brings unimaginable joy to young riders and their families. Volunteers need to be 16 years and up to sign up, and no matter what kind of time you have to donate, the RDA will happily accommodate you.
Riding for the Disabled, p. 6250-0176, e.;


HOME (Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics) is a charity that believes in justice, equality, empowerment and dignity of migrant workers. It provides assistance, shelter, food and counselling for workers who have been abused, plus skill-building courses and legal aid. HOME can always use volunteers at its shelter (asssisting with activities and program for shelter residents) and its HOME Academy (where volunteers can teach English or computer skills, for example, two Sundays a month for 12 weeks). Interested in volunteering? Get in touch via

Make A Wish Foundation Singapore


Who wouldn’t want to help little dudes like Hazrie see their wishes come true? Photography: Make a Wish Singapore

Who wouldn’t want to help make a child’s wishes come true? Make A Wish Foundation is the only wish-granting initiative in Singapore and with only seven staff members, it would be impossible to grant wishes to deserving children without the help of volunteers. The organisation works tirelessly to bring some happiness and hope to children facing dark times: kids often battling life-threatening medical conditions. A wish granted to these children gives them and their families the strength and encouragement to fight on. Your efforts will be rewarded a thousand times over with the smiles beaming your way by being a part of the special moments that the Foundation creates.
Make A Wish Foundation, p. 6334-WISH (9474), e.;

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has been touching lives in Singapore since 1935, and provides a lifeline to the underprivileged within the community. While many of us might think that volunteering for the Sally Army is all about kettle-bell ringing during the festive season, there are a whole army of opportunities for those with time on their hands to help out. Get on board with fundraising, donation drives, workshops or even academic mentoring!
Salvation Army, p. 6555 0188, e.;

Asian Women’s Welfare Association (AWWA)

The AWWA is aimed at helping out vulnerable people from infancy to old age, and with your help AWWA can continue to expand its work with children with special needs, disadvantaged families, caregivers and the elderly in the community. These amazing guys have already established a school and a rehabilitation centre, and are also overseeing mentoring programs, plus helping out in senior community homes and activity centres. Volunteers are more than welcome, either individually or as part of a group, and any time that you can contribute to its causes would be endlessly valuable.
AWWA, p. 6511 5200, e.;

kidsREAD Clubs (National Library of Singapore)

We love nothing better than curling up with the kids and a good book, so why not draw on your wild storytelling skills and volunteer as a reader for underprivileged children at public libraries and community clubs around Singapore? By giving just one hour of your time a week, volunteers can make a huge difference to little book-lovers from disadvantaged families. Anyone age 15 and above with a good command of the English language is welcome to help.
kidsRead Clubs, e.;

Transient Workers Count Too

Where would we all be without the countless migrant workers that come to Singapore’s shores who contribute so much to society without us ever really considering how much we rely on them? But sadly migrant workers in Singapore often face issues with poverty and employee disputes, which leaves them struggling and in need of help. Show your support by volunteering for ongoing projects like The Cuff Road Project (a free meal initiative which sees up to 300 workers a day fed a much-needed breakfast and dinner), fundraising, lending legal aid or helping out with various outreach projects.
Transient Workers Count Too, p. 6247 7001, e.;

Movement For The Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS)

Voluntary welfare organisation MINDS aims to empower people with intellectual disabilities and help with their immersion into society. The Movement currently runs four special education schools, three employment development centres, five training and development centres, two care homes (one for adults and one for kids) and one hostel. It also runs a caregivers support centre plus social and welfare home-based care services to help those in need. The Me Too! club, a fabulous befriending programme for children and adults who may be socially isolated, is also part of MIND. So how can you help? MIND welcomes anybody with time on their hands who’s keen to make a difference. Volunteer roles include assistant teachers, befrienders, admin, or maybe you have a specific skill (photography, art, languages etc) that you can teach and share?
MIND, p. 6479 5655, e. (for general volunteering) or (for Me Too!);

Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE)

For those looking to help out a good cause, but are tied by other time commitments which mean you need some flexibility for volunteering, Singapore’s leading gender-equality advocacy group, AWARE, is happy to hear from anyone who can work part-time, full-time or even from home. Essential volunteer roles to fill include manning crisis hotlines, dishing out legal aid, fundraising or joining the befriending scheme. AWARE is a non-profit organisation created in 1985 to try and create a society where there is true gender equality. It is entirely funded by donations, grants and member subscriptions and is a registered charity here in Singapore.
AWARE, p. 6779 7137, e.;

Cat Welfare Society


Become a cat feeder in your area!

Calling all cat lovers! Singapore’s Cat Welfare Society has been working tirelessly to help felines in Singapore and needs your help. Caregiving is the single most important role in cat welfare, and what the charity needs most in terms of volunteers. Caregivers get out into their neighbourhoods to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of the local community kitties, promote and practice responsible feeding, make sure that the cats in the colony are all sterilised, plus report cases of abuse to SPCA and the police. The Love Kuching Project is another community based cat welfare choice for volunteers, who also happily take any help they can get.
Cat Welfare Society, e.;

HOPE Dog Rescue

Dog lover? There are plenty of shelters that will gladly take your help. Action for Dogs, SPCA, Mutts & Mittens, Voices for Animals and Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter are just some of the animal homes that could use spare hands if you have them. HOPE Dog Rescue is a group of volunteers with a passion for helping animals who are abused, neglected or abandoned. It is always looking for foster homes, or volunteers who can assist with accompanying dogs to and from vet visits, carry out house checks for potential adoptions, help with feeding strays, writing (for its blog and Facebook) or getting on board with fundraising and school education drives.
HOPE Dog Rescue, e.;



New2U always needs extra pairs of hands to help sort donations. Photography: New2U

We know we can send our donations of pre-loved clothes, household wares, ornaments and books over to New2U (although they are currently at busting point!), but did you know that you can also help out by volunteering too? New2U thrift shop is a favourite among hipsters and bargain-hunters looking for hidden treasure, and all proceeds from sales go to Star Shelter, a refuge for victims of domestic violence. But without the help of volunteers to run the shop and sort through the goods, this absolute gem of an initiative simply couldn’t operate.
New2U, e.

Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support

As mums ourselves, we know how tricky pregnancy and motherhood can be, even with a ton of support from our nearest and dearest. Sadly, for pregnant teens in Singapore, sometimes the support is just not there, so these young women can end up feeling estranged and marginalised which in turn can lead to desperation and drastic decision-making. Babes Pregnancy Support was set up in 2005 and provides information, support, assistance and guidance services for teenage girls faced with a pregnancy crisis. It runs a 24-hour helpline where a friendly voice will be available at all times via either SMS or a phone call, and volunteers are needed right now to help continue this life-line to those who need it. Volunteers are also welcome with open arms to provide pre and post-natal care, assist in the running of workshops for teen mums (and dads), help boost publicity for Babes, or join the befriending program to lend an understanding ear and a big hug to the girls who need it.
Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support, e.;

There’s tons of events and activities happening in Singapore all year round, from sports events like Youth Olympic to arts events such as the annual Singapore Writer’s Festival and Weekends at the Artground. By now you’re sure to have noticed the volunteers that keep these events running smoothly. So whether you’re looking for a new experience, to lend your skills to a worthy cause or to meet new people – or maybe just to stand at the forefront of these cool events – why not sign up to take part? Shifts are available on an ad-hoc basis so you wouldn’t need to commit to a regular schedule.;

Neighbourhood Noms

Always wanted to learn how to cook local dishes like popiah, ondeh-ondeh or roti jala with chicken curryThe mums over at Neighhourhood Noms will not only give you the lowdown on how to make these droolworthy dishes, but you’ll get the inside scoop on their cultures as well. It’s a great way to experience Singapore’s multiculturalism for yourself and also help out women from low-income families through these cooking classes and dining experiences. Pretty cool stuff, we think!
Neighbourhood Noms; 

Food from the Heart 

Determined to stop food wastage in Singapore, Henry and Christine Laimer decided to do something about the surplus food from bakeries to those in need. The result? An incredible 40,300 beneficiaries across Singapore. It’s also gone beyond bread – today, Food from the Heart has expanded its initiatives to other worthy causes such as School Goodie Bag (a feeding program for Primary and Secondary students), Community Food Pack (distribution of fresh fruit, eggs and bread and other food to the less fortunate), toy donations, birthday parties and distribution of unsellable items. Food from the Heart is always looking for new volunteers, from logistics to event facilitation and even graphic design.
Food from the Heart,

Expats Making a Difference in Singapore!

If you’re keen to support vulnerable women and children, the Expats Making a Difference in Singapore Group provides opportunities for you to lend a hand to someone in need. When an opportunity to help out in a project arises, you can comment under the post to help. Fair warning, the rules are strict (you need to be female and an expat and you need to be dedicated – no flaking!) within this closed Facebook group, but the causes are worthy. A member of our HoneyKids team dedicated time to a local shelter which she found it was a genuinely rewarding experience. We don’t doubt it!
Expats making a difference in Singapore!;

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