Synchronised swimming lessons: water and aquatic sports for girls in Singapore

We have to admit there's something a little bit mesmerising about synchronised swimming...

Glittering news in from the Southeast Asian Games 2017 happening right now in Kuala Lumpur is that the Singaporean synchronised swim team have just bagged their best ever medal haul with three golds, two silver and two bronze wins! Amazing job, girls! So if you have keen water babies on your hands, and are looking for an fun water sport besides swimming lessons, then why not introduce your own kids to synchronised swimming? This impressive Olympic sport is all about glitz and glamour (not an easy feat when you are mostly under water) combined with choreographed acrobatic moves that require some serious strength, stamina and flexibility to perform. Sadly boys are left out in the cold when it comes to this female-only sport (sorry lads: how about an awesome dance class for boys instead?), but we can’t help but love that synchro swimming is embracing girl power!

Aquadance Synchro Swimming School
Wannabe graceful mermaid types should sign up with professional swim coach, Grace Cui Hai Yan, who has over ten years of coaching experience under her aquatic belt. Synchronised swimming courses are available to girls who can swim at least 25 metres without stopping and who are confident in the water. Swimmers who also have some ballet or gymnastic experience will particularly excel with cool new skills including sculling and somersaults. Free trials are available to test the waters before you commit.
e., t. 9790 5653;

Speediswim Aquatic Centre
Dive over to Speediswim for synchro lessons suitable for absolute beginners through to competition level. Russian national synchro coach, Tanya, will teach your nippers to perform amazing displays of strength, flexibility, dance and an impressive ability to hold their breath! Swimmers should have mastered freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke swimming techniques before joining the programme, and a trial is advised before signing up. These guys certainly know their synchro stuff: a number of the girls have taken part in national level competitions!
No.1 Champions Way, Singapore 737913, e., t. 6765 5668;

Aquatic Performance Swim Club (APSC)
If your young mermaids err on the side of grace and agility, are team players and also have a natural ability to show off (step forward my daughter), APSC can put these skill sets to good use on the Learn-to-Synchro programmes. Girls should be committed to put in at least two years of training, so this is not one for the flash-in-the pan types (still talking about my daughter).
Farrer Park Swimming Complex, 2 Rutland Road, Singapore 218253 and Anglo-Chinese Junior College, 25 Dover Close East Singapore 139745, e.​, t. 6777 5823;

The Swiss Club
Members (and friends) of the Swiss Club can take advantage of the regular synchro lessons for kids age five and up who are able to swim at least 100 metres (any stroke). You’ll find classes for all abilities – adult programmes too if you fancy perfecting your water handstand! Lessons are taught by fin-tastic German coach, Kerstin from Aquaducks.
36 Swiss Club Road, Singapore 288139, e.;

The Singapore Mermaid School
We couldn’t produce a round-up about grace and beauty in the water without mentioning The Singapore Mermaid School! Whilst not traditional synchronised swimming, this one gets a thumbs up for including boys in its programs too, and also because, well, learning to be a mermaid is seriously cool! Trainee mer-folk will learn not only how to swim like a mermaid, but will also find out about the mythology surrounding these legendary aquatic creatures too. Lessons can taken as part of a group, individually or even as a one-off ‘mermaid for the day’ experience.

Photography:  Byron Wee / SINGSOC

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