Sports classes for toddlers: Soccer, gymnastics, multi-sports and movement skills

Sports for toddlers Honeykids Asia Singapore
Running out of ideas to keep your little ones busy? Try one of these sports classes – it's never too early to get a toddler on the move

So, the kids have sung their heart out at a music lesson, they’ve chewed every crayon in the box, and they’d rather eat food than learn to cook it. It’s only noon and nap time isn’t high on their agenda. Time for something a little more active? Whether you want to start prepping them for the big leagues or just get some fresh air and exercise, we have a few ideas for sports classes that are suitable for toddlers (and a couple for kids who are a little older). Of course, they can’t go too hard, because the rougher sports weren’t made for little people. And, competition doesn’t need to come into play at this age – fun (and puns) is the name of the game here. Still, they’re sure to hone their gross motor skills, pick up a few pointers, and besides, haven’t you always wanted to be a soccer mum?



Ready Steady Go Kids Sports for toddlers Honeykids Asia Singapore

There’s all sorts of fun to be had at Ready Steady Go Kids

Get Ready at Ready Steady Go Kids
The Get Ready program is held at various childcare centres and kindergartens. Aimed at improving spatial awareness in toddlers aged 1.5 to 2.5 years and exposing them to sports skills and equipment, the program helps kids become more active in a fun way., p. 9855 8221,

Fundamental Movement Skills with Kidmando
Kidmando put the fun in Fundamental Movement Skills (and into our recent HoneyKids Family FunDays Concert & Carnival)! What they do may not technically be ‘sport’ but at this age, who cares? Toddlers and preschoolers get to learn critical skills such as object control, balance and awareness through super cool games (think brightly coloured ten-pin bowling, tunnel crawling, stilt-walking, and egg and spoon balancing). They even have classes for babies!
p. 9853 2070,

Multi-Sport for Toddlers at Sportball
Among their many other sports programs, Sportball provides a parent-accompanied class for toddlers aged 16 months to two years, and another class for tots aged two to 3.5 years. Through a play-based curriculum, children get to try their hand at a variety of eight different sports and spend some quality bonding time with mum and dad., p. 6250 1830,

Milan Soccer Academy Sports for Toddlers Honeykids Asia Singapore

Get your toddler started with soccer and they’ll be zooming around like these kids in no time

Other than getting fresh air, kids get plenty of cardio running around a large open field. Soccer also involves plenty of footwork and learning to keep their eye on the ball, so they’ll grow right out of those wobbly knees.
Primi-Calci Dinomites at Milan Soccer School
This starter program is for tots aged two to four years who can’t wait to score their first goal. It focuses on developing basic gross motor skills like foot-eye coordination and social skills like following instructions.
Milan Soccer School, p. 3113 2990,

Not just about doing a bunch of cartwheels, gymnastics increases flexibility, develops strong and healthy bones, improves concentration, coordination and discipline.
Gymtots at Bubbles Gym
Gymtots is a parent-accompanied introductory program for children aged one to three years that involves ‘free exploration’ assisted by professional coaches. Children will warm up their bones with song and dance and learn basic gymnastics skills, as well as get to grips with special hand-held apparatus., p. 6466 4656,

For the kids who are no longer tots but are still a little bit tiny (aged three to five)…

Tennis builds stamina, motor skills and confidence, and let’s face it: tiny people wielding racquets is just plain adorable.
Skill Builders at Savitar Group
Using specialised tennis equipment, Skills Builders teaches three- to five-year-olds basic motor skills and physical coordination. The program is parent-accompanied for certain exercises and games.
p. 6431 5201,

If your kid doesn’t already want to be the next Jeremy Lin, basketball improves hand-eye coordination, strategy, endurance, teamwork, stamina and concentration.
Super-Minis at Fastbreak
Children aged four and up can join the Super-Minis program at Fastbreak to learn the fundamental skills of basketball, while kids are only able to play matches from age eight and compete from age 11.
p. 9183 5177,

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