How to fix iPhone screens, boost Wi-Fi and set up internet: solve your tech problems in Singapore

techie problems solved
Smash your iPhone screen and sick of reading through cracks? We know the feeling, and we’ve got the easiest and cheapest way to fix it! Plus much more...

Here in Singapore – well, let’s face it, it’s the same everywhere now – us parents rely so heavily on our phones, iPads and our go-to apps to stay connected, entertained and organise our lives. Don’t get us started on screen time issues – for the kids and us. But hands up if you panic if your phone battery runs flat on a day out, or you can’t get wifi access? Have you been trying to read WhatsApp messages through a cracked screen after The Toddler accidentally smashed your iPhone screen beyond recognition while fiddling with their favourite children’s app? Worse yet, has said toddler wiped your work from your laptop (or, hmmm, did you unwittingly do it yourself?). The expletives you find yourself choking back when we encounter tech trouble should come with a warning label.

At the end of the day, any techie issue (let’s not forget weak Wi-Fi signals, getting Starhub installed, and limiting your kid’s access to the internet) is enough to drive you insane. Better fix it stat, before you bust an artery. No Apple Genius Bar Singapore to consult for help? No problem. Breathe a sigh of relief technophobes; we’ve got you covered.

iPad and iPhone fixes:
1. Fynd: for a repairman who comes to you!
Our pick for fixing iPhone and iPads for both convenience and price is Fynd. A qualified technician comes to you – at home, the office or local cafe of choice! In this writer’s case, a same day window of 6-8 pm was provided, and at 7pm a text message confirmed that the technician would arrive in half hour (which he did – hallelujah!). The whole process of repairing a cracked iPhone 6 screen took 25 minutes from the moment he stepped inside, to when he left with new screen and tempered glass screen protector in place. The invoice is emailed to you, which you can click through and pay securely online. It’s a savvy business model, which not only makes your life super-easy, but they’re also one of the cheapest on the market ($132). We were so impressed with the service that the HoneyKids team called Fynd to our HQ to fix three more of our phones on the spot! They’ve got a contract with Apple and will be fixing iPhone 7 as soon as it is released!

Fynd also provides the full gamut of IT services, (from troubleshooting, to IT set-up, and data recovery) for laptops and desktops, so you’re in safe hands. Phew!

Fynd, IT Support at your Doorstep. For a quote p. 6681 5707, Whatsapp 8389 0390, or e.

 2. iPhonefix: for an on-the-spot solution
Another reputable option for smart device repair is iPhonefix (featured on Channel 8 news). They’re a good choice for the customer who feels assured by a physical store frontage. Pop into their repair centre for free diagnostics and on-the-spot repair, or call or sms ahead for a quote. They specialise in iPhone, iPad and Mac repairs and refurbs. iPhonefix are on the pricey end of the scale, with a quote of $260 for iPhone 6 screen, but they use genuine original panels so your warranty won’t be affected, and you’ll be back in action within 20 minutes.

iPhonefix, 261 Waterloo Street, Waterloo Centre, #01-28, Singapore, 180261, Store open 11am-9pm weekdays, 1-8pm Sat, 1-6pm Sun, p. 8338 6781 lines open 10am-10pm daily, e.

3. iRepair: for in-store service
iRepair is another face-to-face repair shop worthy of your trust. We were given an sms quote for iPhone 6 screen replacement with installation of $120 (with additional service charge for dented corner or bent back cover). Take your device to their store on Prinsep Street for free assessment. You’ll forgive the 2-3 hour waiting time because they have an awesome waiting area with movies, magazines, newspapers, free hot drinks and Wi-Fi (so bring a spare iPad). Be forewarned, it’s cash only!

iRepair, 38 Prinsep Street, #02-02 Singapore, 188665, p. 9456 0833 / 9004 5175, Open daily: 11am-8pm.

(Psst: It’s worth bearing in mind that unauthorised repair may void your warranty, so check this out before taking the plunge!).

Home Starhub, Wi-Fi, phone and mobile SIM card set up
If you are new to Singapore and on a Dependant’s Pass, it can be mission impossible to set up all your techie needs (Starhub requires an EP holder to be present, and in-store queuing can be a whole afternoon affair). No sweat, drop ‘Pauline’ a line, and as a registered Starhub contractor she can set it all up from the comfort of your living room. We’re talking Starhub TV, Wi-Fi internet, home phone line, and mobile SIM cards. All you’ll need is the relevant EP holder’s card, passport and your tenancy agreement and you’re sorted. Pauline can arrange an electrician to fix any errant wiring and a handyman to hang your TV on the wall. It’s sanity-saving stuff!

Call  9008 3730 to get the ball rolling.

Wi-Fi boosters, limiting access to the internet and setting up all the complicated stuff
While thick concrete walls thankfully protect city apartment dwellers from noisy neighbours, they also stop precious Wi-Fi signals from reaching all corners of your pad. Baby monitors can also interfere with parents’ internet surfing pleasure. As a first step it’s worth giving a wireless booster a try. You can buy these cheaply (starting from around $30) at electronics stores island-wide (Challenger or Harvey Norman), and you just plug in to power points to boost your Wi-Fi signal. You can also opt for a second router. If you’re still having no joy, it’s time to call in the experts.

If you’re paying a professional to come to your home, why not consider asking them to limit Wi-Fi access by time and device. You can selectively shut down access to certain members of the household at certain times of the day (some people institute at evening shut-off time for children or helpers to ensure a good night’s sleep, without affecting their own device for those night-time feeding sessions). And, you can restrict certain websites, which is essential for kids (so no ‘accidental’ stumbling upon porn by teen boys). It’s also worth installing the kid-friendly YouTube app, which only has child-appropriate content.

Two great Singapore companies with the skills to sort your home internet issues are Geek Team and Tekkie Help. Geek Team, as the name suggests, is a group of techies qualified to solve your computer issues. Call 24/7 on  66318447 or email. Tekkie Help is another reliable option to get your technology performing – and they’ll even help you set up your Netflix! Call 81138682, email, or drop into their workshop at 216 Joo Chiat Road #04-26 SoHo Life Singapore 427483 (but call ahead first!).

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