Six TV shows we’re binge watching right now!

tv shows in singapore

At the end of a long day juggling work and family life, ferrying the kids about Singapore to fun activities, and baking the obligatory party snacks for that end of year party we need to relax! We can’t think of a better way than a serious session on the couch, binge-watching a good show. Here’s what we’ve been getting into at HoneyKids HQ…

The most expensive TV show ever made, The Crown (pictured top) is just so exquisitely shot that every one of the 130 million pounds is worth it. And we love Matt Smith as Prince Philip.

TV shows for adults to binge watch

Gripping, sexy, scary TV in The Fall

Just try tearing your eyes away from The Fall with brilliantly cast Jamie Dornan as chillingly cold serial killer dad. And at 48, Gillian Anderson as Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson has never oozed so much sex appeal. It’s edge of your seat viewing.

TV to binge watch

Eerie, spooky, compulsive watching in Stranger Things

We’re not usually massive fans of sci-fi, but we’re a little obsessed with cult hit-series Stranger Things. Winona Ryder has returned to her Reality Bites best as hysterical mum to missing son Will. One question though: what happened to Barb?

TV for adults

Follow the highs, lows and crazy antics of Girls as they live it up in NYC

Multi-award winning series Girls penned by sharply comedic Lena Durham offers a sneak peek into the lives of free-spirited, arty New Yorkers. You’ll feel young (and very, very old) all at once.

TV for adults

Drugs, Sex, Money and Violence in Narcos – fodder for many great nights in…

We’re digging the 70’s styling in the edgy crime series Narcos, following the epic rise and fall of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Expect good old-fashioned drugs, sex and gratuitous violence. It’s one to watch with your man.

TV for adults

Witness the beauty of re-invention (and how far little white lies will get you) in Younger

When 40-something Liza is suddenly single and jobless in New York she re-invents herself as a very much Younger version of her former self to start anew. Your biggest problem will be deciding if you’re camp Josh or camp Charles…

TV for adults

Yippee – Sarah Jessica Parker is back in Divorce

Sarah Jessica Parker is back on the small screen in the searingly funny, yet super-relatable tale of when good times turn bad in Divorce. Sadly, SJP isn’t dressed head to toe in signature Sex In The City fashion, but you’ll keep coming back for her witty neurotic humour.