Robot toys that help teach kids coding and programming skills

Robot Toys to teach coding Honeykids Asia
They say coding’s a skill every child should pick up, so we're loving these cool robot toys that teach even the littlest kids the principles of programming!

Before the 21st Century becomes the Matrix, our kids have got to learn how to hack it. But if they’re so used to smartphones, tablets and laptops, how can they get into coding without a screen, in an age-appropriate way? Through play, of course! Though we miss the old Furbies and Pikachus (which I always suspected were sentient… have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night with their ominous cries of “Me hungry”?), we haven’t decided if kids today are luckier for having smarter, app-connected, smartphone and tablet compatible robots. The new generation of robotic toys are cooler for sure… plus they teach programming!


Cubetto Robot Toys to teach coding Honeykids Asia

Kids can’t get enough of Bee-Bot? Cubetto’s got more exciting adventures with special story maps and kids will be able to pick up some coding skills along the way. Image via Primo Toys

Following a successful Kickstarter, this Montessori approved LOGO turtle toy teaches kids aged 3 and up coding without screens. By popping in coding blocks into a control board, kids can help Cubetto travel the map and go on epic adventures. Kids can learn basic programming and infinite loops as well as doll up their friendly bot for adventuring.
Primo Toys,, $225.

Wonder Robots Dash and Dot Honeykids Asia

Get the Wonder Pack for Dash and Dot and try out all their cool accesorries including a xylophone, tow hook and launcher. Image via Wonder Workshop

Dash and Dot
This bright-eyed lovable pair come with a range of apps that kids aged six and up can download to their smartphone or tablet to control and program their robots. From planning simple routes to making games, coding becomes a matter of just ‘getting the hang of it’. There’s no limit to what energetic Dash and brainy Dot can do!
Wonder Workshop,, $49.99-279.99.

SmartGurlz Siggy Robot Toys to teach coding Honeykids Asia

Siggy has self-balancing and self-driving functions and is the super chic ride every fashionista coder needs to have. Image via SmartGurlz

Walking is sooo last year, Siggys are the new segways! In the spirit of coding for girls, tech-savvy mum Sharmi Albrechtsen has come up with a posse of college students juggling studies, friendships, adventures and after-school jobs. These smartphone and tablet controllable scooters are a must-have for any fashion dolls and encourages girls to learn coding and pursue careers in STEM…all while looking fabulous.
SmartGurlz,, €99.

Parrot Mambo Code Robot Toys to teach coding Honeykids Asia

Learn how to program Parrot drones and code games using Swift and Tynker. Image via Parrot

Parrot Mambo
What’s cooler than a drone? A programmable drone, of course. Parrot has partnered with Tynker, one of the top code-learning platform for kids, to create Parrot Mambo Code where kids can learn coding using minidrones. They even have an activity book developed for the Apple Swift Playground for kids to learn Swift, as well as share and edit their friends’ codes.
Parrot,, $149.99.

Marty the Robot Robot Toys to teach coding Honeykids Asia

Marty teaches everything from programming, coding to computer engineering. Image via

Marty the Robot
For a low-cost robot toy for an aspiring teen hacker, you can from scratch, customise and upgrade your own robot Marty. He’s an old-fashioned WiFi-enabled walking robot compatible with several coding languages including Scratch (drag and drop code for beginners) and real world coding languages like Python, JavaScript, University-grade Robotics Operating System, ROS and even Raspberry Pi. Geeking out yet? Marty makes coding an interactive and challenging experience. Available only on backorder at the moment.
Robotical,, £150.

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