Improve your child’s English skills at the British Council Singapore’s Study Camp and courses

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Sometimes kids need a bit more help mastering English as a second language here in Singapore. They want to be able to chat confidently with their English-speaking mates and use their English to make friends with other kids from all over the world.  This is where your child’s new English language best buddy British Council Singapore can help. With 70 years of language programmes, camps and classes for kids of all ages under its belt, plus some great courses for adults, the British Council is rightly deserving of its reputation as a top-rate expert in English tuition. With summer holidays just around the corner, now is the time to think about boosting your kid’s English skills and self-confidence with a fun-packed Summer Study Camp.


Learning from the experts – the fun way!
Aimed at kiddos aged six to 15 years, the British Council Study Camps are engaging and fun holiday programmes aimed at both primary and secondary students from all over the world. If your child is learning English as a second language, and could use an expert hand in improving their English speaking and language confidence skills, then the approachable teachers at British Council absolutely know the right way to engage your child for maximum results. Camp content is kept fun with the use of entertaining games, projects and group activities that suit your child’s language skills. The communicative lessons help kids improve their grammar, vocabulary, oral confidence and communication skills – all whilst making new friends! We love that camp teachers are highly motivated professionals recruited specifically for their first-rate English language proficiency and teaching qualifications: perfect for ensuring that your child will not only learn the English language, but learn to really love the English language too. The hard work will pay off when students graduate camp with an end-of-course certificate, a greater level of language confidence, fantastic memories and lifelong friendships.

Kids may also want to join the full-day English Immersion Experience 2017, a fabulously fun Summer Camp run in partnership with Tanglin Trust School. Little linguists will be fully immersed in an English environment while taking part in action-packed activities including rock climbing, cycling, baking, mindfulness and arts and crafts: and that’s just for starters!


Kids will brush up on their English language skills in a fun, friendly environment with British Council programmes

Super English skills for school

The great learning opportunities with British Council Singapore don’t stop with Study Camps: Students age 11 to 14 should take a look at the SMART English Junior: Certificate in Intensive English course, which has three academic levels of competency. Courses are spot-on for students preparing to enter the minefield of local or international secondary school here in Singapore while speaking and navigating English as a second language. These courses will teach kids to use functional English on a daily basis in order to prepare them for a positive, happy and successful academic experience. Highly qualified teachers will welcome students into high-tech classrooms and give students full support and encouragement to ensure each child reaches their full potential in a friendly multi-national, multi-cultural environment.

We all know that kids are always watching and learning from their parents, so what better way to encourage eager young minds to improve their English skills than to brush up on your own? Older kids (age 15 and up) and adults should check out the SMART English: Certification in Intensive English programme, designed to encourage a greater knowledge of the English language. Choose from Academic English or General English classes and start building your own solid English base by improving reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities. You’ll follow the British Council-designed module undertaking individual study as well as learning in multicultural teams: all guided by first-rate teachers.

Master your English skills at a part-time myClass lesson
For time-crunched adult students looking for a flexible, part-time language course, the myClass programme offers language learners the opportunity to buy lesson credits to be used for two-hour classes that work perfectly with personal schedules and needs. Students can use the online booking facility to secure lessons that suit time-wise and best fit with individual learning goals.

Practise English language with fellow British Council friends
The good news doesn’t stop there: full-time and part-time adult students who could use a helping hand with their learning journey here in Singapore should join the myClub daily language workshops and activities, perfect for practising new skills beyond the classroom. This free, exclusive club for British Council students provides an ideal opportunity to widen friendship circles and benefit from awesome activities designed to progress English skills faster. Students can get involved with Cultural Fairs, excursions and sociable monthly events including Grammar Doctor, Language Through Art, Pop Music Club, Literature Club, Coffee and Conversation and Student Parties.

Leap in for some life-changing lessons – no matter your age – and talk to the lovely folks at the British Council.

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