Got kids in Singapore? This is the guide to Chinese New Year 2017 you really need

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The lanterns are out and the mandarins and pineapples tarts are flowing in: it’s Chinese New Year in Singapore! From a rookies’ guide to CNY, to the best festive events and dressing up the kids in one helluva fun Chinese New Year outfit, here’s everything you need to know about celebrating CNY with children!

First of all, if you’re a CNY rookie, take a little crash course with our beginners’ guide to Chinese New Year:

First up: find out why you’re being inundated with mandarins…

Or let these kiddos show you how it’s done: farewell the Year of the Monkey with a look back at our Chinese New Year video (and don’t miss the bloopers!)

Never work with kids or animals. You’ll see why in our bloopers reel.

Now really get into the CNY spirit by diving into colourful Chinatown – one of our fave neighbourhoods in Singapore to explore with kids!

Don’t forget to look up!

Or, while you’re waiting for all this rain to stop, go on a little virtual trip to Chinatown with our photo essay of this vibrant pocket of the city…

Chinatown during CNY is unbeatable!

Now you’re in the swing of things, get your CNY prep sorted at home:

Bring in all the good luck!

Chinese New Year is the time to spruce up your home – and your wardrobe. Woohoo! So you’ll want to check out these CNY buys we love:

What do we really want to buy for CNY? Let’s start with this cushion by local label, Onlewo.

Now, get down to the serious business of filling your diary: we’ve found all the fun Chinese New Year events for families!

Here’s where to catch a lion dance – and more!

You’ll need to pick up some fun Chinese New Year outfits for the kids to wear to all those parties and family reunions, of course:

Dress up for CNY! Photography courtesy of Chubby Chubby.



And get some CNY style tips from some cool Singaporean mums Bella Koh, Charmaine Seah and Aarika Lee…

Bella Koh (with Alessandra), Aarika Lee (with Zola Mae) and Charmaine Seah (with Charlie Rose) share their Chinese New Year style with HoneyKids Asia.

Modern mums do CNY their way: Bella Koh (with Alessandra), Aarika Lee (with Zola Mae) and Charmaine Seah (with Charlie Rose).

Almost there folks! Now all you need is to add some final festive touches: these Chinese New Year craft projects for kids should do the trick!

DIY decorations for CNY!

Huat ah!


Illustration: Aliff Tee for HoneyKids Asia