Our pick of the best Facebook support groups for mums in Singapore

Facebook support groups
Mum's brains trust: a rundown of the best Facebook support groups for all kinds of mums

While we absolutely love life in Singapore with our small humans, being a parent isn’t always rainbows and sparkles. But who do you turn to when you are trying to decide whether to send your kids to local or international school? Who will understand if you suddenly find yourself as a single parent? And where is the best support for the oh-so-scary first days of being a new mother? From raising a special child, to life as a working mum, practising conscious parenting, to second-hand buying and selling, we’ve found these fantastic Facebook support groups in Singapore that you need to join…

1. Being a new parent can be pretty daunting, and no amount of books on the topic will ever prepare for the reality of becoming a mum. Should baby poop be so green? Should nipples be this enormous? How can I get my three year old to finally sleep through the night? Storks Nest Singapore has over 11,000 mummies on hand to offer great advice (and shoulders to cry on when you really have lost the sleep deprived plot).

2. Started by a passionate single mother to help other solo parents, the Single Parent Support Group (SPSG) is a goldmine of information, advice and compassion for anyone facing parenthood alone.

3. If you are working towards bringing up your small people in a way that involves them as an individual from the very start, then Respectful/Mindful Parenting is the group for you. Chat and connect with new friends who share a similar philosophy.

4. It’s always so comforting as a new mum to have a support crew of women at the same stage as you. Is it normal for my bub to sprout a tooth at four months? Is anyone else’s baby still waking five times a night? Joining one of these Facebook groups specifically set up according to year of birth could be exactly what you need. Try 2018 SG Mummys or 2017 SG Mummys as a starting point.

5. Breastfeeding can be tough, and support is essential for a happy outcome for both mumma and bubba. We love the Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group (BMSG), where you’ll find practical and emotional support no matter what time of the day you need it.

6. East Coast Mums’ Support Group (ECMSG) offers a virtual shoulder to lean on for all East-side mums (and beyond). This one is for locals and expats, is completely inclusive and a lovely source of useful info, advice and networking. Check out the incredibly useful off-shoots: ECMSG MumpreneurECMSG Property News, ECMSG Events and ECMSG Jobs for Mums.

7. For mums over on the west-side of the Little Red Dot, Bukit Timah Moms Support Group is a one stop shop for classifieds, lease takeovers and rentals, local area knowledge and all things parenting.

8. Parenting can be a tricky thing for even the most seasoned among us, but we always feel a little bit better about it after hanging out on the Conscious Parenting group: everyone here is encouraged to be empowered by individual child-raising decisions. No judgey pants.

9. Singapore Expat Wives can answer your most obscure questions. Want to know where to buy the best sausages? Or who that dude is who drives around your neighbourhood honking the horn of his truck? This diverse group of 11.5k expat women probably have the answer, or one of its members will have an opinion at least.

10. Whether you are a newbie or an ol’ timer, Real Singapore Expat Wives is a great place for some lively banter and serious discussions: there’ll always be someone online to know exactly where you should get your brows de-bushed, offer wise words about expat life here, or give you an honest opinion on anything you might need some advice on. Not always for the faint-hearted but oh-so-entertaining and helpful.

11. Seasoned Singapore Expat Women was set up for expat women who have lived in Singapore for more than three years. Whilst it’s classified as a support group, it also includes loads of reviews of local businesses and a new video series hosted by the group’s founder, Nici Schueler. From the mundane (how do you get sticker residue off fabric?) to more entertaining threads, this site is a trove of information for long-term Singapore expats.

12. Snagging a spot as a foreigner in the local school system isn’t easy, but Singapore Expats in Local Schools is a 3.8k strong group where you’ll find fantastic advice and support.

13. Ladies and Business in Singapore is a platform for any woman looking for business inspo, interested in launching a business, or is already a business owner here in the Lion City.

14. If you are parenting a special needs child here in Singapore, then the friendly Singapore Special Needs and Parents (SSNAP) group is the perfect place to share and receive advice while making new friends.

15. Moving to a new country without the backup of your usual network of friends and family can be daunting, but Singapore Expat Women makes it that bit easier. Find gal pals, enjoy some online banter and get advice and recommendations on anything and everything. This is one great place to connect with others online: plenty of positive vibes here!

16. Working mums need not feel the mummy guilts a moment longer: join Working Moms Support Group by Storks Nest for plenty of friendly ears and to meet other mums that ‘get it’.

17. Not quite a support group but we had to share: if you are lucky enough to have too much stuff, and are looking to donate rather than trash, then join Singapore Moms Preloved and Blessing Group where you can give away or sell the goods you no longer need.

18. Whether you want an easy, breezy beach vacay, a fun-packed family ski adventure or a more exotic family holiday to a national park in Asia, head to  Singapore Travel Buddies Group for ideas, advice and hot travel tips.

19. It’s no secret that teenagers can be a little ‘trying’ to parent at times, especially if we have ‘hauled’ them across the world to a new life in Singapore. This is exactly why we love the safe space that is Singapore Expat Mothers With Teens. There’s always somebody to share your woes with, and meet-ups and coffee dates are plentiful.

20. Singapore Smart Spenders is brilliant when it comes to ideas on how to make budgets stretch, money-saving hacks and great offers members have spotted around the island.

Do you belong to a brilliant Facebook support group in Singapore that isn’t on our list? Let us know about it!

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