Easter craft for kids: DIY filled eggs with a cheeky surprise

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This fun Easter craft idea gets the whole family involved – who's a sweetie and who's the bad egg?

We’ve shared our favourite Easter craft projects for kids with you, but we couldn’t resist these Easter eggs with a difference by Militza Maury of Little Green Dot. This cute DIY gift idea is one that both children and adults will love: a cheeky bunny Easter egg surprise! In a carton containing six eggs, five are stuffed with sweet treats and the one remaining ‘bad egg’ carries a big surprise for its recipient. Find out what’s in store….


Step 1.

Gather all your ingredients. For the label, use a size that fits the top of the egg carton you’re using (or use these ready-made labels from Little Green Dot). For the sweet treat that sits inside the egg, we recommend Hershey’s Kisses because they come wrapped and fit inside perfectly. For the ‘bad egg’, go eco-friendly and use scrap paper confetti, used candy foil, dried beans, flour, or dried pasta.

Step 2.
Drain the eggs of the yolk and egg white. To do this you will need to cut off the top of the egg, but the hole need only be big enough to fit the treats. Try this: trace a circle on the shell, use a needle to punch holes, and drain the insides (French toast or omelette anyone?). After giving the eggs a thorough wash, soak them in vinegar and water to disinfect them and allow them to dry completely.


Step 3.
Once the egg shells have dried, it’s time to place your goodies inside. Remember that one of them needs to be stuffed with whatever surprise items you choose for the ‘bad egg’.


Step 4.
Cover the hole of each egg with a sweet sticker and place all your eggs in one basket… we mean carton.

Step 5.
Let the games begin! Now it’s time to share your special Easter eggs with the family. Who gets to choose their egg first? Then smash them open to see who the bad egg is!

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Photography: Little Green Dot