Domestic helpers in Singapore: an easy way to purchase comprehensive maid insurance for your domestic helper online

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum or an out-and-about working mother, we think we can all agree that a domestic helper is an absolute gift from the gods. What would we do without the extra pair of hands helping to juggle all our kids’ schedules and activities on top of the school run, keeping our homes spic and span, and keeping the kids fueled with home-cooked meals?

However, one of the biggest hassles has to be the piles of administrative work we have to handle when hiring a new helper – or keeping our right-hand women with us for the ride. One of the most important tasks? Insurance. Unfortunate incidents like your helper falling ill or running away do occur, so it’s vital to take care of that.

It’s tempting to let the maid agencies take care of the tiresome paperwork, but most agencies only offer to help sign us up for a basic insurance plan. There’s always a risk of things not working out, so getting a comprehensive policy is super important to avoid future inconveniences. This is why we were excited to find out about FWD Singapore’s Maid Insurance policy, which covers both us and our helpers more thoroughly, and can be handled completely and directly online.

Bye bye, paperwork
Just head to FWD Singapore’s online portal, fill in all the necessary details, choose your plan, get a quote, make your payment and voila, it’s done. Wave goodbye to the tedious and pricey insurance purchase process! And fret not if you have any questions – FWD has an online live chat function. Alternatively, if you’re busy running about town, you can leave your phone number and have them call you at a later time. Totally convenient and you can skip the extra cost of engaging an agent.

Covers all the bases
And it’s not just the fuss-free aspect that has won us over. With its extensive coverage, FWD’s Maid Insurance protects both you and your helper. For instance, FWD is the only insurer in Singapore to offer coverage for outpatient medical expenses related to illness instead of just personal accidents.

What’s also cool is that FWD will pay the security bond in full, up to $5000, if the bond is forfeited.

Found that your helper is not suitable? Get a full refund on your premium if the policy is cancelled within the first three months*. Plus, FWD protects your home against theft by your helper, fire or burglary.

What are you waiting for? Just click here to get your helper’s insurance sorted in a matter of minutes. Premiums start from $188 for a 26-month plan.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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This post is sponsored by FWD Singapore.