DIY Halloween Costumes

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Part One: The Classics

Halloween always has a spooky way of creeping up on you, but this year you can beat it to the punch with these simple no-sew, DIY Halloween costumes. We scoured the web to find these oh-so-cute numbers, where all you need to do is decide if you’re going for cute or scary, then grab your littlie and start gluing!




Witty L’il Witch
What you’ll need: Scissors, Tape, Black craft paper and decorations, Black shirt, Tulle, Elastic and Black shoes.
Directions: First create this Witchy Hat using craft paper and tape. Don’t forget to jazz it up with decorations (try orange polka dots or zigzags for a spooky Halloween hat!). Next, put together this simple no-sew tulle Witch’s Tutu. Try mixing black and orange tulle to make it extra Halloweeny!
When it’s time, dress your little witch up in a black shirt, her new witch’s tutu, black shoes, and last but not least, her super scary witchy hat.
Halloween experts should add a witchy broom and striped stockings for the added fear factor!



Funky Frankenstein
What you’ll need: Scissors, Cardboard Box (approx. 17x17x20cm), Green paint, Black craft paper, Silver craft paper, Glue, Black markers, and Baggy old clothes.
Directions: Frankenstein’s most defining characteristic is his Giant Green Head so that’s what you need to concentrate on for this freaky Frankenstein costume! When it’s ready to wear, pair your hat with the baggy old clothes. For true dedication, go for the green face paint!
Halloween experts should add Dad’s shoes (stuffed with toilet paper) to give the giant effect!




Cutey Cat
What you’ll need: Scissors, Black plastic foam sheet, Glitter and different colored plastic foam sheets for decorating, Black ribbon, Glue, Long black sock, cotton wool, Safety pin, Black leggings, Black top, Black shoes and Black face paint (or eyeliner).
Directions: Black cats are a Halloween classic, which makes this kitty costume a great choice. This costume is all about the mask; choose one at the shop or make a very simple Cat Mask out of the black plastic foam sheet and then set about decorating it with glitter, markers, sparkles and jewels! For your tail, stuff a knee-high black sock with cotton wool and safety pin it to the back of a pair of leggings. It’s now time to dress your trick-or-treater entirely in black (not forgetting the tail!) and add your decadent cat mask.
Halloween experts should add white fangs to show your little feline’s fiercer side!



Marvvy Mummy
What you’ll need: White long sleeved shirt, White pants (Gray sweat pants work well if you turn them inside out!), White cotton fabric (about 1 meter cut into strips), Tea for dyeing fabric, Needle & thread, White face paint, Black eyeliner.
Directions: Step one – tea-dye everything! Mummy’s have been in tombs for a long time so you need to make sure they have that ancient glow. Once your fabric is dry take your white cotton strips and lay them randomly on the shirt and pants (the more random and ‘messy’ it looks the better!) Using the needle and thread, tack the strips just enough that they will stay on the outfit. On the night, dress your mini-mummy in the outfit and add white face paint, scruffy hair and smudged black eyeliner to give them that ‘just rolled out of tomb’ look.
Halloween experts should add – A Pharaoh Mummy Mask to show them who’s boss!

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