Best apps for preschoolers: The HoneyKids Singapore mums share their favourite fun and educational apps for toddlers

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Us mums know that screen time can be used wisely – and there are fantastic apps that keep kids entertained and help them learn while they’re having fun. Here are some faves from the HoneyKids mums…

On the lookout for the best apps for kids? We love an app with a bit of educational value – something stimulating and fun that little ones can master. And most importantly, something you won’t feel guilty about letting your child play with because we all know there are times when screen time, used wisely, can save the day (they certainly serve a purpose when it comes to surviving plane rides with kids). Here, the HoneyKids mums, all of whom have toddlers and preschoolers on their hands, share their favourite apps for their little ones…

P.S Mums, check out these great time-saving apps to help you juggle your busy lifestyles.

Bloom, $5.98 (HD available for iPad only)
Bloom is a fab music-making app that's also a visual treat.


Okay I’ll confess: I’ve been letting my little ones play with this app since they were babies, and it’s still on high rotation. Bloom (pictured top) is a music-generating app created by ambient music pioneer Brian Eno and musician Peter Chilvers, but it’s so simple and intuitive that an infant can use it – and it’s absolutely mesmerising! By tapping the screen, colourful bubbles appear, accompanied by a lovely, soft sound. Tapping around the screen will create more bubbles that play the sound at different pitches. It teaches cause and effect, has a beautiful colour palette and is a noise-making game that parents really can tolerate – and genuinely enjoy. Your little genius can create chilled-out tunes that you can even relax to! Beware – you might have a bit too much fun playing with it too.
Selina, editor, mum to Maxton and Grayson

Peekaboo Barn, $2.98


When my little guy was very little (19 months) we introduced him to a few different apps but the only one he really took to is Peekaboo Barn. It’s a classic peek-a-boo game but the animation is simple yet great and doesn’t feel over-stimulating. There’s a child’s voice that says the animal type when the barn door opens, so he’s learning vocabulary in a fun way. He can play it over and over and it will definitely be a go-to on long plane rides this summer!
Kate, account manager, mum to Harrison

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, $2.98


Our favourite educational app is Monkey Preschool Lunchbox The game features a super-cute monkey who helps little learners solve challenges involving colours, shapes, letters, numbers and memory. My girls love it because the game and theme music is fast-paced and catchy and they get to choose stickers for successful problem-solving. I rate it because their big brains are soaking up key skills all while having lashings of fun! Like all apps the tune can be irritatingly repetitive for adult ears, so invest in some noise-limiting headphones!
Georgina, writer, mum of Minnie and Willa (and Ginger the bump)

Donut Maker (FREE)

appkids6 (1)

Obviously the dentist would be horrified if we allowed our kids to make and eat this sugary treat too often… This is where Donut Maker saves the day! This app lets your child add ingredients to a bowl, stir it all up and cut six donuts out. Counting is important, as if they get it wrong they won’t be allowed to go on to cook them to perfection. Then comes the fun part: decorating – but without the mess in your kitchen! This is great for colour and shape recognition. When their masterpiece is perfected with eight inches of icing and enough rainbow sprinkles to sink a ship, they then make it through to the all-important part – eating the donut. No chewing required! No icing to scrape off their chins! Tap, tap, tap and then it is gone! The whole process can take around 10 minutes for a small person to complete and eat one round of Donut Maker, and to date this has been the absolute ‘go to’ in our house to keep the smallest child out of mischief for a bit.
Tracy, writer, mum to Jack, Angelica and Rafferty

Endless Alphabet, $12.98

appkids4This is a fun word-learning app with great animations – it gives the kids a word in the form of a puzzle and they have to drag in the letters to complete the puzzle. Whilst dragging, the app gives them the phonetic sounds for the letters.  My kids love the puzzles and cute monster animations – and don’t realise they are learning along the way! The vocab selection is great too – they’re picking up words like ‘tangle’, ‘scrumptious’ and ‘gargantuan’!
Chris, Managing Director, mum of Evie, Louis and Darcy

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